Friday, January 20, 2023

hotel and candy

 Continuing with visit to La Noria. We took a tour of the El Aureliano restaurant and hotel. We have eaten there in the past and food is very good. 

The entrance. I like the benches and of course all the colors. 
A better look at the benches. 
A children's play area in the restaurant. 
Umbrellas to help keep off the sun. Lots of papel picado. The little flags hanging across the ceiling.
Well hello there. He was keeping watch.
The down stairs dining area. 
Walking up to the hotel level and more dining. Like the tile in the step risers. Lots of different textures and looks on the walls. 
Looking down at the main dining area. 
Just one of the upstairs dining areas. 
An interesting nook. 
Another look downstairs.
Just like all the different building material. 
Looking out over the town for yet another dining area. 
This building is one side of the plaza. At one time they showed movies from this building. The projector was in  the area where the arrow on the left is and the movies were projected on the wall where the right arrow is. There is a large patio in the middle of the building. 
The plaza. 
Back downstairs. 
The church. 
The stations of the cross leading towards the cemetery. 

An interesting home. 
More new paint on a side street. 
Steep steps up to the door. High sidewalks to keep the flooding during rainy season out. 
He is cleaning the streets. Stops and picks up what ever trash is on the street. Especially cigarette butts.
From La Noria we went to Puerta de Canoas and visited the candy ladies. 
Stirring the cooked candy. 
The price of pecans has gone way up so now instead of rolling the candy in the chopped nuts to cover them, the nuts are added piece by piece. 
Candy kisses.
Making the kisses 
The balls are rolled from the round pieces on the right. 
And then on to WalMart and home. Busy day.  And yesterday and today also busy. Lots to write about. 

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