Friday, September 30, 2016

Getting closer to finishing projects.

We are still working on all of  our projects. At least this one is complete. New paint and new upholstery. Actually finished it yesterday. 
 Got up just before the sun came up. Some pretty golds in the sky, but no pinks or purples. 
 And guess who is back in the back yard. We were parking him in the driveway next door but it just sold so don't think the new owners would appreciate Willie being there. The person who owned it asked us to park the Jeep there so it would kind of look occupied. Notice our pretty yard. Las Vegas landscaping - rocks, rocks and more rocks.
Bill was out in the garage before I got up. Putting a second coat of paint on the window boxes. Decided white would look good as the trim on the house and the shutters are white.
 Working hard.
 Putting the Mexican tile in the front and sides of the boxes. He had to sand down almost every tile. None of them were square, same thickness and/or same size. We knew that when we bought them a couple years ago in Mazatlan. But he didn't think it would take so much work to make them fit. (I was inside, but I could hear the grinder and the colorful language. Had enough sense to stay inside.)

A closer look at the tiles and trim. 
The empty space is the bottom of the planter. The tiles are on the front and sides. Don't know what he is going to put in the bottom. We will not put real flowers in them as we're not home long enough to keep them alive. Wonder what the HOA will say. 
In the mean time I was inside swearing myself. I sewed a whole bunch of border pieces together WRONG!!! Found out something that is hard to do with my shaking hands. Picking apart seams. Stuck myself a few times with the seam ripper. Grrrr. But this is kind of what it will look like. Thinking now that it is a little too wide - maybe should have been only two rows of stars. Still needs some border on the ends and the batting and backing etc. etc. 
I still have the privacy film I bought to put on our east facing bedroom window. And Bill has a patio light to put up. Also a new shower head for my shower. Should keep us busy for a day or two. Weather is still nice. At least the AC only runs part of the day instead of all day. By next week we are supposed to get a couple of days in the 70s. Already seeing people with long sleeved sweaters on!
Oh yah, I made the banana nut muffins this morning. Followed the recipe with no problem until I dropped the open box of baking soda in the batter...I managed to scoop enough of the extra bs out that if I didn't know better I couldn't taste it. Bill doesn't know. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rest of walk in the Wetlands

Kind of a bummer of a day today. Went to see doctor and my infection is back in full force. I thought it was but was hoping I was just being paranoid. So another round of antibiotics. 
Finished one project today. The high chair is reupholstered and repainted and put back together and out in the room where it belongs. I don't think it will be able to take another upholstery job though. It is getting pretty fragile. I'll have to treat it with care from now on.  
On the way home I bought the backing for the quilt and have decided on the border. So did a little work on it today. 
I want to finish my story about my walk in the wetlands yesterday. 
The other bird peaking out of the reeds. 
 While I was watching him swim around I started to hear a loud buzzing. Thought to myself - that is some humongous bug. It kept getting louder, then seemed to be staying in one spot. I finally looked up to see a drone looking down at me. Anyway I assume it was looking down at me as it just stayed there for a while. So I waved at it - no not that kind of wave - a nice normal wave. Finally it spun around and flew off. Kind of spooky.

 As I continued on my walk I heard footsteps behind me, glancing over my shoulder I saw a middle aged man heading down the trail towards. I'm ashamed to say it made me a little nervous. So I stopped to take this picture. Thinking. If I stop he'll keep going...
 As he neared me he smiled and said "Hi." I said "Hi."  He introduced himself as Dave and we commented on the drone and wondered who was flying it. We walked on a ways together. He asked me if I was familiar with the Book of Mormon and would I like to have one. I told him I'd spent several years in Idaho Falls Idaho and most of my friends were Mormon so I was quite familiar with the religion. But no I didn't want a copy of the book. We walked as far as the next split in the trail and both went our separate ways. Very nice man but made me think I probably should carry my phone with me. Another little creek along the way. 
 Right about then I felt a few drops of rain. Looking up I was surprised it was just a couple of drops.
They sky was sure getting dark. By then I was back on the paved trail heading towards the gate to home. 

 A bright spot of flowers along the creek. 
 Looking off to the south east. Just puffy white clouds there. 
 More drops of rain. 
 Went through the play area in the park before heading to the gate. Some neat art work in the cement walk ways. 

 All things that live out there. 
 After going through the gate into the neighborhood I decided to walk up to the mail box and pick up the mail. Passed this house. Bill calls this a "Mother-in-law" paint job. You just paint what your mother-in-law will see - the front of the house. I wonder if that will pass inspection. I think it is empty and belongs to the park.
Tomorrow I'm going to make the banana bread - muffins. Will read recipe closely and not go through any doors until it is in the oven. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sunset, sunrise, sewing and strolling..

There were finally some clouds in the skies over Vegas last night. Some pictures taken from the front yard. 

 And this morning if I'd gotten up in time there was probably a pretty sunrise. Again lots of clouds in the sky. Today we have a 25% chance of rain. Don't think we'll get too wet though. 
 Although that is one nasty looking black cloud up there. 
 Have finished another step on the Christmas bed throw. All the sashing and first border are done. 
 Now I'm trying to decide how I want to do the finishing border. One idea below. Or maybe just red and white triangles...
Got the seat on the high chair but still need the upholstery tacks to finish the back. Then it too will be done. 
Didn't walk this morning so decided to take a short walk this early evening. I went into the wetlands for a stroll. Things are still pretty green in areas. 
Looking across to the mountains in the distance. This is looking kind of south east. 
 This time I took a different dirt trail instead of following the cement walks. It was about 5:00 p.m. when I set out and to the south west were very dark clouds and it had rained in Henderson so I was keeping a watch behind me. 
 Ah, some water in the wet lands. A few different flowering plants. 
 My goodness didn't know this was here. A big pond. 
Some wild life. I wonder if he is the one that comes to eat carrots in our back yard. 
 A nice walkway leading out to the pond. 
 The clouds reflecting in the pond. See what I mean about the dark clouds to the west. 
 Another neighbor floating along. He had a friend hiding in the reeds.
 A small waterfall in the pond.
 A nice quiet area, notice the checker board in the top of the table.
Sat here for a while just enjoying nature. Will finish writing about the strange things I encountered before leaving the park. But will save that for tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Going through a door.

I read this on line the other day and thought I'd share it. I'm glad to know it isn't me.
" 'Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind, only to completely forget what that purpose was? Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses.
Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame have discovered that passing through a doorway triggers what's known as an Event Boundary in the mind, separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next. Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room and prepares a blank slate for the new locale.'
Thank goodness for studies like this. It's not our age, it's the damn doors! "
So glad to read that - maybe it explains some of the things I've done recently. I think I mentioned my brownies - the ones I'd added way too much water to. Well last night while fixing dinner I decided to make au gratin potatoes -I had a box mix - so I put them in the casserole dish, added the milk and the margarine and the sauce mix. And put them in the oven. A little later I checked on them and thought they looked awful dry. There was no liquid left and they still had quite a while to cook. Hum...I got the box out of the trash and reread the instructions. Crap - I didn't add the cup and half of water. Pulled them out of the oven and added a cup of water and stirred them up real good and put them back in the oven. Surprisingly enough they too turned out okay.
A long time ago I was a cook in a school. One of the first things we were taught was to prepare for the next day by making sure you had everything you needed for recipes etc. My first day went fine. The second day I got to work and got out the recipe for some kind of bean soup. The first instruction on the recipe was, "Soak beans overnight." Oops. I guess now I need to remember to read the recipe - the whole recipe. OR not go through any doors when cooking and/or sewing.
My Christmas quilt was coming right along until I joined the last two big pieces. Something is very wrong with this picture.
So I sat with Bill and watched a soccer game while ripping out the seam. It is now redone correctly. 
Her is the frame of the high chair out side blowing in the wind after getting repainted. The seat pieces are almost done, just have to pick up some special white tacks at Lowe's. 
Got up early this morning - a sunrise without clouds. Oh well still colorful. 
Took a walk and enjoyed some of the plants that are blooming. 
This is kind of a morning glory - it is usually growing wild in the desert. Notice the faint purple on the edges. And it smells really good. 
This bush really is blooming. And it was full of bees. 
That's about it for today. Will finish the high chair later and read the recipe for banana muffins that I'm thinking about making tomorrow as it is supposed to be a cool day. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sewing, reupholstering and naked man. OH MY

I am so excited today. Why? Well for two reasons. One is the weather - it will be perfect for at least a week. Even factoring in the 20% chance of rain. In fact including the 20% chance of rain. The plants need the dust washed off their leaves. Bill will also be happy because the coolest will be 68, not into the 50s like last week. 
And the second reason? The first darn debate will be over. Can't wait until Nov 8th for the whole mess to be over,. Hasn't it been going on for 3 years already! And what's with the 8th - I seem to remember voting is to take place the first Tuesday in November. Oops, guess I was wrong. "It occurs on the Tuesday immediately after the first Monday in November. (this does not necessarily mean the "first Tuesday" in a month because the first day of a month can be a Tuesday)."
I laid out my Christmas bottom of bed throw to see how it looks and to figure out how much fabric I need for the sashing and backing. I found enough batting in my stash. I am not going to square off the corners. Like it better with a more rounded shape. 
 Just have to get to JoAnns to buy the fabric. 
Here's Bill, in his long sleeve shirt, working out in the garage on the window boxes. They are coming right along. One just needs painting, hung and the tile put on. Then he make the other(s).
 And I've started another project. Finish one start another. This is a high chair vintage 1958. It was a Christmas present for me and my oldest son. He was 6 months at the time. It used to have a white plastic tray which has disappeared over the year. All five of our kids used it. And though out the ensuing years I've used it to sit in and as a ladder to climb to paint and wallpaper etc. It has been recover many, many times over the 57 1/2 years. and it needs it again now. You can see tears in the back and one on the seat. It also needs repainting. Luckily I discovered that I have enough of the same material to do both the back and seat.
 All apart and material cut waiting to be stapled to the pieces. The aqua with with stars/dots is the original material 
 The frame waiting to go outside and be painted. Got a metallic chrome looking spray paint for it. (Over the years I have "spread" enough that I can no longer sit in it! But i still use it to climb on.) 
Will be spending part of my time this week trying to figure out how we can get enough of our respective prescriptions to cover the time we'll be in Mexico. I know I can get a vacation "override" for one 90 day supply, but can refill three of the important ones until the first of December...I wonder if I can buy some of them not using our insurance - the cheaper ones. A couple of them cost way to much to not use the insurance. We'll see.
The next picture I'm posting is NOT a political commentary. More of an OH MY GOSH - why would any one do that? It is the cover of a magazine that comes out every Sunday about things going on in Vegas. Lots of neat stuff in it. Well this past week there was a big event here "Life is Beautiful" Concerts, food and art. This is one of the "art" pieces. My understanding is the "artist" made five of them and they were put up in different cities. The one here lasted only a day or two before it was stolen Just amazing. All the background is the mag cover and yes that is The Donald in all his glory. Strange world we live in. 
Watched NASCAR over the weekend while sewing etc. My driver had a good race, Didn't win but came in 3rd so he is doing okay so far in the Chase. The truck he owns also won it's race. Excellent drive William Byron - just turned 18 and just finished high school.