Friday, September 2, 2016

Williams, AZ

We are still in Williams Arizona altitude 6500 feet. The altitude really bothers Bill so we are taking it pretty easy while here. We're at the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel RV Park. A Passport America park. Nice long level spaces and good WiFi. $24 a night.
From the hotel area you can get the train to Grand Canyon. 
We didn't do much yesterday. By afternoon it got cloudy and dark out and by 4:00 it was raining heavy. Spending today here but heading home tomorrow. It is supposed to rain all day today, but it actually looks nicer out this morning than yesterday. 

We'll get home unload and call the dealer again Tuesday to set up an appointment for Arvi. The hot water has quit working and the generator won't come on. That is why we are taking these little trips - to get all the bugs fixed before going away for the winter. 
A little information about Williams. We did go to town and walk around a little again yesterday. 

There are several of the old Motor Hotels along the main street. 
And a lot of Route 66 themed restaurants and stores. This is a restaurant. We ate here on our June trip. In the afternoon they have live music and the big bbqs going. And at 7:00 p.m. daily they have an old west shoot em up on the street. 
 Just a mural on one of the buildings.
 Another one of the older motels. 
 An exhibit near the railroad tracks. There is also a zip line behind it but haven't seen it running the times we've been here. The car was beautiful, black and red interior with a red steering wheel. 
 A mural in the public parking lot. 
We went into a store that sells cowboy items. The smell of the leather boots was so nice. Forgot how good leather smells. This is the ceiling in there. 
 A couple of the boots for sale. Really, really nice ones. Also clothing, hats, belt buckles and anything else the cowboy might need. 
 These were so soft. 
 Then we went into a variety store. In the back part it was set up like an old candy store. Barrels of salt water taffy, all different flavors. The old wood floor squeaked with every step. 
 Haven't seen these in a long time. They also had toothpicks soaked in cinnamon. Did you ever do that? When I was about 12/13 my girlfriend and I used to buy cinnamon oil and soak our toothpicks in it. One time I knocked the bottle of oil over on my dresser and it ate the paint right off. Wonder what it was doing to our stomachs.?
 And for the daring. Flavored crickets. No thanks. 
 Most of the buildings had plaques on them telling their history. 

Another motel with the Route 66 information. 
 An old gas station turned museum with a couple of nice old vehicles. 

 This place is the only Native American owned and operated shop in Williams. 
 The wood figurines are starting to crack.
 Another mural on the side of one of the buildings. 
 And yet another one of Route 66
Thought this was kind of interesting. The fire of 1901 burned down most of the buildings in town. When they were rebuilt they were built of brick

There were quite a few tourists wandering around town, most of them seemed to be European. Heard very little English being spoken. We commented on how we go to Europe to see the very old churches, castles and buildings and they come here to see the cow towns. Most of them are probably here to go to the Grand Canyon and this is a convenient overnight stop. 

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