Thursday, September 22, 2016

A walk around the neighborhood.

We are having a real windy day today. At times the house seems to shake. 30-40 sustained with more powerful gusts. Other than that the weather is perfect.
Even heading down to 59 tonight. Bill is muttering Mexico, Mexico every time he sees a weather report. 

I finished and put up my Halloween window hanging. The one in the middle is a tree with the moon behind it and a little ghost behind it and the bat flying. [I took the picture into the sun so they look a little faded.]
 Have to tell on myself. I got the machine out, got the black thread out, cut the strips for between the images. Sat down at the machine and sewed the bottom strips onto four of the images.When I picked them up the black strips fell off. "Stupid, darn sewing machine. What's wrong with it now." Said it loud enough Bill came to see what was wrong. By then I discovered I forgot to thread the needle - dah! Sorry machine, you are nice. 
Found another two pigeons in the house this morning. So off to Lowe's we went. Bill needed some wood for trim for the window boxes so while there we picked up a patio screen too. Here it is. I put a couple of leaf sun catchers made of a plastic paint on it so we wouldn't try to walk through it. 
When I took a walk early a couple of days ago I took some pictures of our neighborhood. Here is one of the bulletin boards. A notice of the new emergency test messaging. A notice about zumba classes in one of the club houses. Notice of the big yard sale middle of October. An announcement about the Luau this Saturday evening, every month there is some kind of get together. Also a notice of the month's shared water bill. There is a bulletin board at each set of mailboxes. 
 Here's the breakdown of how the water bill works. One big bill divided up by Corporation and Resident charges. 
 Continuing my walk. Passed this house, it is empty and condemned. Soon will be removed. 
 One houses decoration in their front yard. I love the metal flowers have been looking at them to buy for a couple of years.  Will have to see if they are "Okay."
 One with little plaster animals in front. All of these are whole and in good shape. Will they stay or will they have to go? No idea. Some of the houses have things that are broken and faded that should have been put away years ago. 
 Just looking down a couple of the streets. All are nice and wide and resurfaced and kept clean by the Corporation. The big trees are also taken care of by the park. In fact we just noticed that our palm tree and a couple of the pine trees out back have been trimmed recently. There is no parking allowed in the streets so every so often there are parking areas. See the 3 or 4 cars parked in such an area. 
 Almost all the houses that needed painting have been painted, the area looks so much nicer now. 
 Big dumpsters have been put in some of the vacant lots for the residents to use for their yard clean up.Makes it a little easier. 
 The big yard with tennis courts and pool by the main clubhouse. There are two pools and two clubhouses. 
The main clubhouse that is two block from us. There is a gym, game tables and a big screen TV for football nights. Also a kitchen for events. 
There is actually no HOA, mostly just enforcing the rules and regulation of the Corporation. Seems like they've let things go for a few years and are now catching up with problems. 
AC has gone off so I'm going to open the doors and enjoy the screen!

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