Saturday, September 17, 2016

Full moon over the desert

The moon just beginning to come up last night.

Here it is a little higher and still a little color in it. 
Taken from the front of the house. The three pin pricks of light in the sky are airplanes heading into Vegas airport. 
 The moon again this morning as I was out walking. Yes I did get out a little - short walk 1 1/3 mile. Wanted to get back to watch TV. Race weekend you know. Kyle won the truck race last night. 
 Spent a lot of the day in the sewing room watching NASCAR and working on the pumpkins.  Using up a lot of orange scrap material. I want to get black felt for the eyes and nose. And I have black buttons for the mouth. Might get them done tomorrow during race. The Xfinity race today was dominated by Kyle until he blew a tire with 20 laps to finish.  Oh well. Tomorrow he has the pole. 
Not much else going on around here. Another day below 100 so that is always nice. And we might get rain next week!!! I am  eating away at my brownies so I can start losing my newly gained weight, but have to finish them and the jelly beans first. 

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