Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hello from Las Vegas

We left Williams around 7:30 this morning and got home early afternoon. 
It is warm here and when we got inside we discovered the batteries in our thermostat had quit working so it was a toasty 97 inside the house! Such fun. 
It is finally cooling down in here and it is 4:00. Will take a cool night before it really cools down. At least it didn't get hot enough to melt my candlesticks. 
Have most of the stuff out of Arvi and put away. Still have a few more things to take out when it cools off some and then clean it.
Will call the dealer on Tuesday to make an appointment to see about the water heater, generator and also the side mirrors - they quit being adjustable from inside. 
Not much to say about the trip home. Except I-40 and the 93 were both as rough coming home as they were going. Ran into some strong gusts of wind after Kingman, between there and Vegas. 
But looks like we're in for some nice weather for the rest of the week. 


SandyM said...

Still very warm in Vegas - is it difficult to think of heading South to Mexico while it is still so warm? August for us was a record breaking/setting hot and the humidity rivals Mazatlan in the summer. We were happy to see September arrive with a break in the temperature but headed back to the 90's later this week.

Carol and Bill said...

I imagine we'll still have quite a few days over 100 before the cooler weather sets in in mid October. At least it is not humid here. By November it is cool enough at night for Bill to be wanting to head south.