Monday, September 19, 2016

I started another project with pine cones.

Monday morning, just as the sun was coming up. We went walking in the neighborhood. The sun was reflecting in the sprinklers and puddles. Kind of pretty. Didn't take a long walk today - only about a mile. I got a blister on my heal yesterday from wearing a different pair of shoes. And yesterday I did get in over 10,000 steps before the end of the day. 
It is only 12 now and I already have in over 8000 steps so should go over again today. Got a lot of walking in in Lowe's and WalMart. Bought a new shower head and window tinting for our bedroom window that faces due East. 
Before we left to run errands I put my October decorations out. Dining room table with the new place mats and fall flowers. 
 Also hung my fall stained glass sun catchers in the kitchen window. 
And Halloween ones on the patio doors. Somewhere I also have a little black bat but couldn't find him. Maybe he flew away when I wasn't looking. Every time I change the sun catchers it makes me want to get busy with making stained glass again. If it stays cool maybe I'll drag all the stuff out of boxes and set up a work area in the garage. 
 After I got that stuff out and sat down to watch the news Bill said, "You should make a runner for the coffee table." Well guess what? That reminded me that I had already made one several years ago. So here it is. It is on a glass table and the black under it is the rug.
 Then I decided I'd spread out all the t-shirts that I've put interfacing on and cut almost to size to see just what I had. I think it needs more color. And if I make it for the RV it will have to be shaped different. Now I have to wait for inspiration and time to do it. 
And after that, while picking up the back yard I talked Bill into spraying some of the zillions of pine cones I've gathered. We only had green, yellow and red paint. But I think it looks kind of neat. Bought a couple more colors of paint while at WalMart. Need to wait for a day when it isn't windy to do the rest of them. 
Our patio decorations. Hope the inspectors don't decide they are inappropriate. Our home will be inspected either today or tomorrow. I think I mentioned - the association is getting strict with their rules. No junk stored in driveway or back or side yards. Only approved yard decorations etc. 
Check out Thursday's weather here in Vegas. Oh yes! Bill wants to know if the electric blanket is plugged in. Hopefully after/if he has the iron infusion he won't be as cold. 
Big drop between today and the rest of the week. 
And I guess enough writing about my projects. But if I don't write about them the only things left are cooking, cleaning and reading. None of them very interesting either. And to be truthful about it I do very little cleaning as our son's ladies come every other week. 


SandyM said...

Have enjoyed seeing your projects and your house is very seasonly decorated - thanks for sharing with your readers.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you - I just do it for us - gives me something to do and it is fun.

Unknown said...

Carol You are so creative. Love your decorations. The pine cones are bautiful. They better okay your yard.