Friday, September 30, 2016

Getting closer to finishing projects.

We are still working on all of  our projects. At least this one is complete. New paint and new upholstery. Actually finished it yesterday. 
 Got up just before the sun came up. Some pretty golds in the sky, but no pinks or purples. 
 And guess who is back in the back yard. We were parking him in the driveway next door but it just sold so don't think the new owners would appreciate Willie being there. The person who owned it asked us to park the Jeep there so it would kind of look occupied. Notice our pretty yard. Las Vegas landscaping - rocks, rocks and more rocks.
Bill was out in the garage before I got up. Putting a second coat of paint on the window boxes. Decided white would look good as the trim on the house and the shutters are white.
 Working hard.
 Putting the Mexican tile in the front and sides of the boxes. He had to sand down almost every tile. None of them were square, same thickness and/or same size. We knew that when we bought them a couple years ago in Mazatlan. But he didn't think it would take so much work to make them fit. (I was inside, but I could hear the grinder and the colorful language. Had enough sense to stay inside.)

A closer look at the tiles and trim. 
The empty space is the bottom of the planter. The tiles are on the front and sides. Don't know what he is going to put in the bottom. We will not put real flowers in them as we're not home long enough to keep them alive. Wonder what the HOA will say. 
In the mean time I was inside swearing myself. I sewed a whole bunch of border pieces together WRONG!!! Found out something that is hard to do with my shaking hands. Picking apart seams. Stuck myself a few times with the seam ripper. Grrrr. But this is kind of what it will look like. Thinking now that it is a little too wide - maybe should have been only two rows of stars. Still needs some border on the ends and the batting and backing etc. etc. 
I still have the privacy film I bought to put on our east facing bedroom window. And Bill has a patio light to put up. Also a new shower head for my shower. Should keep us busy for a day or two. Weather is still nice. At least the AC only runs part of the day instead of all day. By next week we are supposed to get a couple of days in the 70s. Already seeing people with long sleeved sweaters on!
Oh yah, I made the banana nut muffins this morning. Followed the recipe with no problem until I dropped the open box of baking soda in the batter...I managed to scoop enough of the extra bs out that if I didn't know better I couldn't taste it. Bill doesn't know. 

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