Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beautiful walking day here in Vegas.

Went out for a walk this morning, almost 2 miles. The different thing about it is - it was 10:00 in the morning and it was still cool enough to be out walking. So nice. 
Just a pretty blooming tree. I think it is a crepe myrtle. 
Came across this while walking. I need to add that Bill was walking with me. The owner was more than willing to talk about it and let me take pictures. I made the mistake of saying, "That's a nice truck." He replied, "It's not a truck it is an El Camino." Whoops. It is an 86 and has original paint. Nice huh?

Of course he had to show us the engine - for sure not stock. I don't remember what he said about it. He told Bill all kinds of specifications about it. 
 Original interior too. He says it has won several prizes at shows. 
 As we continued walking we saw even another house being painted. The mandate to paint and improve looks of home is sure making a difference here in the park. Things look so fresh and new. 
And here is ours. They didn't get much work done to the lot next door. Brought in a couple loads of dirt and tore up the sidewalk.  Then left. Will be real surprised if they get a new one moved in within a month. I think by next summer we'll want to put in some kind of privacy fence or trees. 
Bill's allergies are acting up a little despite the "Flounase so pharmacist recommended Allegra - non drowsy. Only problem is ANY allergy pill makes Bill sleepy. So he is taking nap already this morning. Going to suggest he take it at night instead of morning. Of course his solution is "go to Mexico."
Bill woke up for a while and while he was up I fixed dinner for lunch. Both of us were hungry because we hadn't had breakfast. So we had chicken breast and zucchini for lunch. Then he went back to sleep. No more Allegra for him. I spent afternoon working on my t shirt quilt, putting interfacing on each design then cutting them to size. This is going to take much longer than I thought and be more expensive - the interfacing gets used up fast. Also the shirts with the most colorful designs I don't want to cut up! And worked on my Christmas bed throw quilt. Cutting the rest of the pieces and then ironing the cut pieces flat. Going to spend the evening doing nothing. 


SandyM said...

Yep, Crepe Myrtle; they are beautiful. We are just on the Northern Southern edge of where Crepe Myrlte will do well. Ours this year have been beautiful as they got lots of Spring and early Summer rain.

Mia Ethan said...

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