Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sunset, sunrise, sewing and strolling..

There were finally some clouds in the skies over Vegas last night. Some pictures taken from the front yard. 

 And this morning if I'd gotten up in time there was probably a pretty sunrise. Again lots of clouds in the sky. Today we have a 25% chance of rain. Don't think we'll get too wet though. 
 Although that is one nasty looking black cloud up there. 
 Have finished another step on the Christmas bed throw. All the sashing and first border are done. 
 Now I'm trying to decide how I want to do the finishing border. One idea below. Or maybe just red and white triangles...
Got the seat on the high chair but still need the upholstery tacks to finish the back. Then it too will be done. 
Didn't walk this morning so decided to take a short walk this early evening. I went into the wetlands for a stroll. Things are still pretty green in areas. 
Looking across to the mountains in the distance. This is looking kind of south east. 
 This time I took a different dirt trail instead of following the cement walks. It was about 5:00 p.m. when I set out and to the south west were very dark clouds and it had rained in Henderson so I was keeping a watch behind me. 
 Ah, some water in the wet lands. A few different flowering plants. 
 My goodness didn't know this was here. A big pond. 
Some wild life. I wonder if he is the one that comes to eat carrots in our back yard. 
 A nice walkway leading out to the pond. 
 The clouds reflecting in the pond. See what I mean about the dark clouds to the west. 
 Another neighbor floating along. He had a friend hiding in the reeds.
 A small waterfall in the pond.
 A nice quiet area, notice the checker board in the top of the table.
Sat here for a while just enjoying nature. Will finish writing about the strange things I encountered before leaving the park. But will save that for tomorrow.


Barb said...

gorgeous photos! Very green and lush there. Who would have thought there was an oasis in the desert of Las Vegas>

Carol and Bill said...

and it is just a few steps from our backyard.