Sunday, September 4, 2016

Art on the Corner

A windy cooler than usual day here in Vegas. So windy we couldn't see the mountains around the city because of all the dust in the air. 
Finished unloading the RV and put it in storage until time to take it in to get a couple of things fixed. 
Didn't do much today. Went out for breakfast and then to WalMart for groceries and a couple of other things. On the way to WalMart we always pass this castle. It is for sale, want to own a castle in Las Vegas?

On the corner of Tropicana Blvd and Boulder Highway there is a little art show. In the last three weeks three new metal sculptures have shown up. This is the corner where the sun flowers and big sculpture of chairs are located. This little tree showed up just before we went on vacation. 
 And today we noticed these. A turtle between the two sunflowers.  Made of the base of a chair? and a wheel.
 And this - flower arrangement. I have no idea who does them and puts them there, but I enjoy seeing them.  
Did the last of the laundry from the trip and watch a couple of NASCAR races. By late afternoon the wind had let up and the mountains were back.
This whole week it will be below 100 - cool for here in September. No complaints. 

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