Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Doing a whole lot of nothing for a few days.

I have been a little under the weather the last couple of days so we haven't done much.
Monday I just sat and watched Rizzoli and Isles reruns the whole day up to and including the final show of the series. Too bad, I enjoyed watching it. Also like the books.
Also been watching the International World Cup soccer qualifying. Argentina is leading the field.
Did take the RV into the dealer Tuesday morning. Haven't heard anything from them yet. They are checking out the water heater [doesn't heat water], the generator [doesn't come on], the side mirrors [they can't be adjusted from inside], and the microwave [it is very hard to open and close AND there were sections of burned area around the inner seal.] Other than that ...
Our son's ladies came today to clean house, yippee! That's always so nice. While they were here we went to WalMart for a few things. Then stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a couple of prescriptions - and for once there was no problem. Right drugs and right price. Again, yippee!
Spent some time sorting through old paperwork and shredding most of it.
Thinking about making a Christmas bed throw - will go over the bottom 1/4 of the bed. Just for holiday color.
Fixed a good dinner tonight. I think part of my problem is that for two weeks we haven't really watched what we ate. Good breakfasts but just picking the rest of the meals. Felt good to sit down at the table and have a real meal.
Nice day today, under 100 with a nice breeze. Perfect desert weather. Going to have three days of 100,101, 100 then back down to low 90s.
Maybe we'll get out and do something interesting.

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