Monday, September 12, 2016

Finally cooling off in Las Vegas.

How is this for Las Vegas weather. Bill says he is going to get his long johns out! Me? I'm looking forward to it. 
[Started this a couple of days ago.] Almost the middle of September already. We still are having over 100 degree days, but today and tomorrow should be the last. In fact by the middle of the week our high will be 88! With lows in the high 60s. I’m sure that will get Bill talking about leaving for Mexico. He was cold last evening. Went and put on a long sleeve shirt. The thermostat was set at 82 and the AC was still running…I guess with the ceiling fans running it felt a lot cooler to him. Unfortunately I’m always hot.
The RV is still at the dealer so guess something is getting replaced that needed to be ordered. No problem, they can keep it as long as they want. When we do get it back though it needs a thorough cleaning before going in storage. Or maybe we’ll take another short trip if the weather cooperates. Just to make sure nothing else goes wrong. 
I’ve got two sewing projects going, but only working on them a little at a time. Reading a new series, for me, of "chick books" by Jenna Bennett. Just fun easy reading.

The park we live in now has a system that they text us when there is a problem in the park. Got an early morning text today that there was a water main break and the water was shut off. About an hour later another text saying water was back on. Good system. Just after we moved in the park water got shut off and no one knew why we didn’t have any water. At least now we know the problem is theirs not ours. 
We went for a short walk, 1 1/2 miles, this morning before the sun got too high in the sky. Need to continue to do that. Tomorrow we have appointments for blood drawing - yearly thing, so have to remember to fast tonight and nothing in the morning. At least our appointments are for 8:00. Might try to get a walk in before we go. 

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