Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Bill and I took a walk

Saturday got Bill out to take a short walk in the Wetlands. My first time since we got back. Happy to say that we saw two bunnies, a jack rabbit (no picture, he was too fast) and a pair of geese and a bird I don't recognize. [The most bunnies I've seen on one walk since the flood.]I also got my new straps for my Fitbit so good to go recording steps. The first bunny we saw. He just sat still and pretended he wasn't there. Saw the jack rabbit right after this one, but he was quick to run.

Went on to the Boardwalk Pond and a pair of Canadian Geese were there. Such majestic looking birds. The closest one later caught a small fish or crawdad but I was too slow to get a picture. Need to practice up on my quick focus skills. 
A couple of these guys swimming around. 
No idea what he is. Tom? Kind of pretty sitting on the rock. 

Just an old tree that was in a fire years ago. All of that is the one tree. 

The second bunny, he was making tracks across the path. 
Last time I saw this pond it had been drained, Now full of water again, saw one little turtle head poking up out of the water. 
We did a little over a mile walk. Today I'm going on a regular walk with one of the walkers group. But think I'll be slow and not three miles. Weather is perfect for walking, in 60's with some clouds. This afternoon we are supposed to get a wind storm for a day - gusts to 50 mph. Ugh. lots of dust. 
Got a couple of shots of the full moon the other night. But my camera isn't picking up the colors right. Need to check if I poked a wrong button.
Lots of clouds out though so only was visible for a few minutes. 
A little color in this one, then it was gone. 
Started working on a Saint Patrick's Day suncatcher of stained glass. Didn't get too far, Still pretty cool in the garage, especially with the wind howling. Got some more frames to finish up a couple of Diamond paintings. 

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Last few days in Mazatlan

 Just some pictures from our last few days in Mazatlan. It was another nice day so we took an Uber to Centro. First stop was the Central Market. There was a cruise ship in town so didn't spend much time there. We did stop to visit with Lana, she owns a clothing shop in the market. First time we've seen her this year. Over the years we've become good friends. 

Back outside walking around the Cathedral.  This is the side we watched them painting a couple of posts ago. Looks really nice. 
One of the side doors. So intricate carved wood. 
This part needs a little TLC. Wonder if they are planning on touching it up. 
The have high scaffolding up in the front painting the entrance to the church. Years ago we watched them painting it with a long roller. 
Walked around to the other side. I never noticed this carving before. 
They are now painting this side of the building. He is way up there on that ladder! See his paint bucker above the window. 
More painters doing the white lines on the walls. 
Just a picture of the cathedral from across the street. 
This was in the middle of Carnival week - lots of vendors out on the street leading to the Plazuela Machado. We stopped there to have lunch then back to hotel.
Later that evening I happened to go out on the balcony and who was going by but Mark and his family. He is showing me his new t-shirt. 
Our last evening of music from Austin BBQ - Los Cryps again. 
A kind of pretty sunset, the colors were darker than the picture shows. 
 The day before we left we went to Torres for breakfast. Couldn't resist taking some pictures of all the flowers in bloom. 
Really pretty color. 
Some kind of plum bush. 
We were told years ago that this plant was called The bishop's Balls. Hum.....
Just pretty little flowers.
Mark joined us for breakfast. He was also leaving the next morning to go home. 
So that is about all pictures I took in Mazatlan this year. Well with the exception of the ones I trook of the building being restored. Will share them, lots of them, another blog. 
Already written about our trip home. But will also sum up the trip at a later date. I am spending the weekend in front of the TV watching NACAR, First decent races of the season. Favorite driver won the truck race yesterday. Hope he does okay today. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Interesting time since we got home.

Our 6th day home and they have been unusual days in every way. But to regress. The first three pictures are from my last walk in the Wetlands before we took the trip. My fellow walkers are dressed for a winter walk. I wear shorts and a t-shirt and light weight long sleeved shirt. Guess I'm weird, but I am almost always hot. 

The mountains with a little snow on them, this was middle of January. 
A bird we hadn't seen before, no idea what he is. 
So we are home now. The weather for the next few days will be kind of normal or a little above the normal of 64. The last few days have been cooler as we've had continual rain, heavy at times. And this morning lots of fog in the valley with the traffic accidents documenting it. 

I did not take this picture it was taken by a neighbor two days before we left Mazatlan. Yesterday the mountains got another 6 inches of snow. Talking about snow and rain. There was a story on TV that Lake Mead's water level has risen 35 feet since 2022. That is very good news. '

We are usually not home for Saint Patrick's Day so I was thrilled to get out my decorations that I've had for years. Just a window hanging. 
I only have two sun catcher instead of the usual four. But I found two new patterns so maybe before SP Day, I'll get them made and hung. in window.

Placemats and  table decorations. I like to change things out with  the seasons. I need two more green candles, but no one sells tapered candles any more, except in white. I can buy them on line, but in lots of 12 or more, don't want them that bad. 
Had a pretty sunrise on Monday. I thought good start to the day...little did I know...
While outside taking that picture I happened to look at my bathroom windows. I usually don't have the light on in there when I'm outside. Kind of pretty from outside. 
A few minutes later on the other side of the house, rain and mist over the Wetlands
Remember all the pretty flowers in our front yard. All gone for the winter. Looks so strange. 
We've had a couple of hiccups since we got home. For the life of us we cannot find a couple of items that we should have. The major one being Bill's two new pairs of glasses, a minor one my USB drive. Have looked everywhere we might have put them after unpacking. Especially the glasses.  They must have not got packed. Though we both checked the whole hotel room before we left. I'm thinking they were on the bed in the rumpled bedspread and just got overlooked. Both can be replaced but still...
We were both tired when we got home and still had things to do so got tireder - is that a word? Bill was stressed about the glasses and stress can bring on the long covid exhaustion. So by Saturday morning he was down for the count spent most of day Saturday and all of Sunday in bed. Monday morning he was up when I got up, said he felt okay. Went back to bed a while later for a nap. Soon he was back up and complaining about chest pain. It didn't go away. So off we go to emergency room. Long story short, he was admitted to hospital. Several tests run, kept overnight for more tests yesterday. Prognosis - he is fine, no new heart problem. All test results were good. Pain could have been brought on by stress, being in unusual position causing muscle pain, or they aren't sure. But not the heart. So he is home and rested and we are both relieved. Now hope things become boring and normal. Driving back and forth to hospital was my first time driving in rain in a very long time. Today is blue sky. 

Monday, February 19, 2024

Another visit to La Martina Restaurant.

I'm cheating today and writing about Mazatlan trip. Lots of pictures. We took what was probably our last trip to La Martina Restaurant the other day. Even with the detour because of the bridge work over the 15D it was only 20 miles.
The ride was uneventful and the day was perfect. Sunny but not too hot. Blue sky. As we turned into the parking area we noticed all the corn growing. It is getting big, some ears are starting to form. Will they use it for tortillas. 
This bougainvillea gets bigger and bigger. It is one plant with two different colors of bloom. 
The veranda in front of the restaurant. Again bougainvillea growing over the arches. So pretty. And the use of Mexican Pink paint on the building. 
The vines are starting to cover the ceiling of the veranda. 
Looking up at the ceiling and vine. Looks like a wasp nest. Didn't see any thing flying around it. 
And a very tiny bird's nest. 
Just a ceramic piece next to a beautiful big plant. 
A closer look at the colorful bougainvillea. 
Inside on the walls of the patio area. These are really cute. The faces/heads are three-D. 
We sat at our regular table on the back deck. One of the meals ordered. Enchiladas with an almond nut mole sauce. The presentation is amazing. It should be framed! Was told it was also delicious. 
Took a walk around the back yard. The plants are flourishing and the building is beautiful. What a setting for a wedding...
This building is now used as a shop for maintenance. At one time it was going to be used as a small store to sell local items and foods. 
One of the weirdly shaped cacti around the building and walkways. 
A closer look at one of them. 
The fence is made of cacti. Very effective I imagine. 
Looking across the huge lawn to the building. I love the steps.
All the different tiles on the stairs. I always imagine a bride slowly coming down these stairs to meet her husband to be.
Don't know if this building is being used or not. Was built to be dressing room for events. 
A grove of trees behind the fence. Two or three of the trees had what looks like oranges growing on them. 
One of the strange cacti. See the little nub of new growth.
More of the strange cacti. Notice the one normal arm coming out of it. 
A big wood oven for bread and slow cooking of meat. 
Just colors.
Always been attract to this picture. So colorful. 
Another painting. Do you think our HOA would have a stroke if we replicated it on our patio wall. 
A stalk of corn growing out of a pot in the patio. 
A cute knick knack shelf. 
On the way home Sheldon and Debbie stopped to shop at a roadside market. 
They bought the cute little piggy bbq. 
The owners son. 
And that was another amazing day spent with friends and in Mazatlan.