Thursday, February 1, 2024

A walk around different blocks from Centro to Ocean.

 Had a rather quiet day today, Wednesday. Did go out to eat breakfast then hung around hotel all day until time to go to Fat Fish for RIBS.  And walked back from the Ribs place to the hotel - all .4 of a mile! This blog was on Monday when we went to Centro again. Had a great lunch and walked around another set of blocks we haven't walked in a while. Wasn't carrying my FitBit so no idea how far we went. This particular picture I took from a pulmonia. It is a tortilla maker.

Help TLC wanted.  And it has a garage, very hard to find. 
In Plazuela Machado there are several trees - all the same kind of tree. On ONE - only one - of them was this pretty little flower. And that tree had only this flower on it. Only ONE on the whole tree. 
See this little boy all the time. He is usually selling woven bracelets. 
His father and younger sister in the stroller. 
Just some art at a restaurant. Interesting stuff. 
This too. 
We stopped at Gaia for lunch and to people watch, there was a boat in. I've taken pictures of Bill's salads from the top too. Here it is from the side, no bowl, a cooked tortilla instead. 
I had a different salad, very different but good. The menu said avocado with mixed greens, broiled salmon scallops  and a dressing I'd never heard of. So I tried it. I was rather surprised at its presentation. I though there would be slices of avocado but instead the avocado was mashed and spread on the round mound of lettuce. The lettuce was held together by the mashed avocado. Salmon and a twist of cucumber on top. Black olives and cherry tomatoes sliced and around the salad. 
This mural now has a protective grill over it.  It is part of a once beautiful building. I see all the windows have now been boarded up. Maybe some one bought it and I hope will restore it.
Across the street just some very old doors on another abandoned building. 
This is also big and abandoned. What a shame. 
Looked in a couple of the windows. All glass is gone. See the old ceiling beams. 
A circular hole in walk in the back. 

One of the  old doors. 
A real estate office across the street. A lot of homes and museums in this area. 
Several years ago someone was restoring the interior of this building. We happened to walk by one day when the doors were open so we had to go inside. Bill talked to the contractor and we were told the history of the building and what they were going to use it for after restoration. Of, course I don't remember now but will try to find the blog on it. Needless to say, it was only open a very short time after the restoration. Has been empty for years again.
The sign says 1920, not sure if that was when it was built or when the Club Deportivo Muralla was formed. I found an article that says the Club closed its doors in 2022 and the building was sold.  It was sold because of economic conditions. The 70's through 90's were the buildings best years. 
Wish I could find my blog about the interior of it, but so far no luck. Shame that it is empty now. 
In the past we've seen tables and chairs outside of this building. Yesterday it looked closed. Hope not. Like the tile work around it. 
Trolley tracks from old Mazatlan outside of the museum. 
I really liked a couple of these oil paintings. Didn't check the prices though. Especially like the two on the right. 
We were walking towards the ocean. The paintings were in front of Tippy Toes a very famous nail salon. This is Tippy Toes. From there to the ocean  was a rather unpleasant walk. Closed buildings and very smelly sidewalks. 
I'll stop here and do the rest of the walk around Olas Altas another day. We did go out this morning, we wanted to watch the small fishing boats come in in Cerritos. Could not stay there long though - the humidity is brutal. Staying inside and recovering. 


SandyM said...

Your salads look wonderful - we ate breakfast there on Fat Tuesday last year and had some of the best Hot Cakes ever! Fat Tuesday is fast approaching - February 13th this year. So many of the places you took pictures of in this post we have walked by many, many time. It is fun to see them again through your eyes/camera; but those steps in the header photo are just too much! Just a wonderful post; thank you so much for sharing.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - We are trying to get in as much as we can do before Carnival begins. Most of the road closing gates are up and people are starting to come to town already. Those steps have been repainted at least three tines since we've been coming here.