Saturday, February 3, 2024

Continuing walk along ocean.

A couple of days ago, Thursday February 1st, we didn't do much of any thing. Went to La Antigua for breakfast. Decided the pulmonias and taxis were getting expensive so looked into DiDi and Uber. Not sure I understand the DiDi app - the -2 and +2 parts of it. I like the idea of paying in cash, but stuck with Uber as I do know how to use it and already had it set up. Quite a bit cheaper. BUT the fact that I need wifi to use the app will make it unavailable some of the times. After we ate we went on up to the Cerritos area to watch the fishermen, but left there quickly as the humidity was so bad, both of us got uncomfortable quickly. But back to our walk in Ola Altas the other day.

As we turned onto the Malecon one of the first things I noticed was a big new mural on the wall of Casa Lucia. A little information about it. "New mural in Mazatlán located in Casa Lucila in homage to "The Royalty of the Mexican Regional". Made by muralist Sergio Ramirez. An image where the great exponents of Sinalo music are, Cruz Lizárraga, René Camacho, Salvador Lizárraga , Poncho Lizárraga,. German Lizárraga. Ramón Lopez Alvarado and Sergio Lizárraga" Casa Lucila is a boutique hotel. It was restored several years ago by the daughter of the woman who originally owned.

Looking the other direction, more or less north at radio hill. Lots of colorful buildings on it. And a lot of new construction going on there. see the street lights on the right. They are so pretty when lit up. 
Unfortunately it was an overcast, rather gray day, which made it great for walking but not so great for picture taking. The white tubes with the red bottoms are for collecting cigarette butts. Most of them were full to the top, wonder how they are emptied. 
It was low tide. 
A government building being painted. The wall they are standing behind was about knee high. Hard way to paint. I see the guy standing up looks like he has a harness on.
A corner we remember well on Angel Flores. See the mirror under the arrow. Many many years ago, I think in 2007 when we were driving the Alfa, we ended up on this very corner. Yes we were lost. And no we could not turn the 40 foot Alfa right around that corner. At the time there was a mirror there and the side of the Alfa demolished it. After unhooking Jeep and much maneuvering Bill got the Alfa around the corner to the left, going wrong way on one way street (just one short block). And got to where we should have been. So what you ask. Well the mirror only got replaced last year...
Another nice building that was restored a few years ago. For a while it was open but now not sure if it is still being used. 
Heading toward the seawater pool. The slide into it has been repainted. Also a mermaid statue and a statue to Jacques Cousteau. 
Very ornate building across the street. Now has three restaurants in it.
 I like the tile domes. 
The stairs have just been repainted. I don't think I could climb them without getting dizzy. Dizzier than I already am! Why is there always a car parked where you want to take a picture? 
The tide is really low so no ocean water is going into the pool. The lowest water I've ever seen the pool. I think I see something walking around in it.
Well look at that. Wonder if he is finding anything to eat. 
Another look at the pool and slide.
Lots of restaurants and bars built into the hillside. 
"Monument to the Mazatleca Woman Welcoming to anyone who arrives, a beautiful woman stands in the roundabout Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada: the statue which honors the beauty of women of the city." Too cloudy out to get a good picture. 
Continue walking toward the cliff divers. The blue is a bicycle path. 
Looking across the street at the remains of an old old road. Seen pictures of old cars, like early 1900's, out on it with people stopping to look at the view. 
Have never seen any one out on it before. Wonder how they got there. 
Already getting ready for Carnival. Bathrooms I think. 
At one time there were a lot of birds painted along this area by the Vue condos, surprised to see he is still in pretty good shape. 
We have watched this particular statue being vandalized through the years. First cupid disappeared, then her arm and last year her tail was gone. "La Reina de los Mares mermaid statue in Mazatlán, Mexico. La Reina de los Mares (Queen of the Seas) is one of several mermaid statues on the Paseo Claussen promenade in Mazatlán, Mexico. map. The little boy next to the mermaid appears to be Cupid, with a quiver of arrows carried on his back." I found this picture on line. Nice wasn't it. 
This is what it looks like now. What a shame. 
 And that was the end of our walk for that day. Bill was willing to keep going but the humidity was getting to me. Caught pulmonia and went home to cool down. Went out to dinner that night next door at Pancho's. 

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