Friday, February 9, 2024

Nice observation point.

I had the bright idea on Tuesday morning to take an Uber up a very winding road to an observation area near the Observatory. There is a restaurant there too, but we didn't eat there. Bill got a little queasy on the curvy ride up there. Beautiful day for beautiful views. A bunch of pretty plants and lots of vendors. 

Looking out over the ocean. Such a view that house has. 
The lighthouse is on top of that high hill. 
There was one cruise ship in. Seems like there is one a day lately. No idea what the one in front of it is. There were several pulmonias of tourists up there. 
Looking out over part of the city. 
Looking down the hill at the roadway. 
Pretty flowers, pretty water, bird poop rocks.
A sign at the restaurant. Lots of tourists getting their picture taken with it. La Marea is the name of the restaurant. 
Snake or lizard head painted on the front of the building. Lots of detain in it. 
The name painted on the side of the building. The stairs lead all the way down to the highway. 
Looking over towards the Observatory.
A man was setting up a vegetable stand here. They looked and smelled really good. 
Many, many cars waiting to be delivered, either to dealers or to ships. I think ships. 
A real canon that was used fighting the French.
We finally found a taxi to take us back down into Centro. 
One of the times I really miss the Jeep too. Not easy to take pictures from the back seat of a taxi.
Got out at Machado. Such a beautiful day. Interesting clouds and very blue sky. 
Just a plant and a light post. 
Stopped for breakfast - still to early for lunch. We ate at Gaia. They usually have tables on the sidewalk which is where he likes to sit. No more tables on sidewalk, people complained about the road dust and bird poop. But they did bring one table down for us. If we promised not to complain. Well yah. 
My ice tea, there were four slices of lime in it perfectly placed on all four sides of the glass. Made me laugh. 
A tour of Razrs - hate them especially at night with the roaring engines and blasting music. These were behaving though.
His stomach was still upset so only had fruit, we were too early for lunch and he really wanted a salad. Fruit was not a good choice.
My French toast with some kind of berry sauce on it, very good. Doesn't the table cloth remind you of 1960's material. 
Heading back to hotel, the clouds look like tractor treads. 
The light was good so some pictures of the statues again. 

The new look of Mazatlan, very tall buildings. I wonder if enough people will be around to buy all of them. Over 21 more high rises are in process of being built. 
Spent rest of day in hotel. Much better the next day. He has been more active and feeling better the last few weeks than the last few months. Thank goodness. Hope that keeps up when we get home. 
We have less than a week left here. Going to try to make the most of it. 

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Doug and Nancy said...

You guys have been on the move a lot! So glad to see that. Great pictures too!