Thursday, February 8, 2024

Just a normal couple of days in Mazatlan

Today the 8th is the first day of Carnival. The city expects lots of money to be spent and lots of people to be here.  " The figures of the visitors during the Carnival are approximately 925 million pesos, with a hotel occupancy of 100 percent and an attendance of 903,856 people."  We usually do not go into that part of town. But might venture out over there this year. Not during the parades though. Parade day. 

Saturday morning it was such a beautiful day we decided breakfast by the ocean was required. Took an Uber to Torres Mazatlán and their ocean side restaurant. Sitting at the table I could see something way out on the horizon. Used the zoom in the camera and this is what I was seeing. 

Looking south along the beach towards the Marina and islands. Not many people on the beach.
Looking north, again pretty empty of people. The waiter told us the hotel is down about one third of occupancy.
Looking out the window, we sat inside due to the wind. 
Bill's breakfast - scrambled eggs and chorizo, hash browns and toast. 
Mine, bacon, eggs and hash browns. Yummy.
Leaving the restaurant, usually there were three or four iguanas in this area. That day only one.
Saturday night we wanted to go outside so ended up in Plazuela Machado again. This is the restaurant we ate at the night before. We were there pretty early, just before sundown. It got crowded later. 
Bill's friend the guitar player. 
Some restaurants were starting to get busy. The upstairs of this building is empty. Needs restoration. 
Bill talking to a vendor that we've known for years. He is a Huicholi Indian and a craftsman. This is the first time this year we've seen him. 
Some of the items he has made. A plaster form covered with tiny beads. Put on by hand one at a time. 
Just more buildings and lights in Centro 

One morning we took a walk to a new restaurant, and couldn't find it, but thought this was interesting. The cook walking down the street. Did he get mad and quit? Is he going shopping? Is he on the way to where he cooks? Never did find out as he stopped to talk to another cook and we passed on by.
Just a building on a small road going to the beach. Gringo restaurant at the end on the beach. 
It was the end of a three day weekend so lots and lots of Mexican tourist busses in town, loading up to go home.
The holistic Beach Club I mentioned the other day. Looks like they need to hire a lot of people.
The front is interesting. All those individual pieces of branches covering it. 
Sneaking a peak through the fence. Last year they were taking in truck loads of dirt to make hills. Which are now covered in plants and rocks. Pretty. 
The entrance. Pretty I like the hands. 
Ended walk when we didn't find restaurant, looked it up when we got home and now know where it is for sure. Oh well. Just went to the market and came back to hotel and didn't do much the rest of the day. Ate out at Pancho's for dinner again. 
A week from today we head home.