Sunday, February 25, 2024

Last few days in Mazatlan

 Just some pictures from our last few days in Mazatlan. It was another nice day so we took an Uber to Centro. First stop was the Central Market. There was a cruise ship in town so didn't spend much time there. We did stop to visit with Lana, she owns a clothing shop in the market. First time we've seen her this year. Over the years we've become good friends. 

Back outside walking around the Cathedral.  This is the side we watched them painting a couple of posts ago. Looks really nice. 
One of the side doors. So intricate carved wood. 
This part needs a little TLC. Wonder if they are planning on touching it up. 
The have high scaffolding up in the front painting the entrance to the church. Years ago we watched them painting it with a long roller. 
Walked around to the other side. I never noticed this carving before. 
They are now painting this side of the building. He is way up there on that ladder! See his paint bucker above the window. 
More painters doing the white lines on the walls. 
Just a picture of the cathedral from across the street. 
This was in the middle of Carnival week - lots of vendors out on the street leading to the Plazuela Machado. We stopped there to have lunch then back to hotel.
Later that evening I happened to go out on the balcony and who was going by but Mark and his family. He is showing me his new t-shirt. 
Our last evening of music from Austin BBQ - Los Cryps again. 
A kind of pretty sunset, the colors were darker than the picture shows. 
 The day before we left we went to Torres for breakfast. Couldn't resist taking some pictures of all the flowers in bloom. 
Really pretty color. 
Some kind of plum bush. 
We were told years ago that this plant was called The bishop's Balls. Hum.....
Just pretty little flowers.
Mark joined us for breakfast. He was also leaving the next morning to go home. 
So that is about all pictures I took in Mazatlan this year. Well with the exception of the ones I trook of the building being restored. Will share them, lots of them, another blog. 
Already written about our trip home. But will also sum up the trip at a later date. I am spending the weekend in front of the TV watching NACAR, First decent races of the season. Favorite driver won the truck race yesterday. Hope he does okay today. 


SandyM said...

Love all the photos especially the Hibiscus- the colors are so clear and beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Carol and Bill said...

Thanks Sandy