Monday, April 19, 2021

Been lazy last few days.

Time flies when you aren't doing much. Spent Saturday and Sunday watching NASCAR races and working on a new earring. Not much else. 

I did finish the first set and made the necklace to go with them. The flower on the necklace is one of the first ones I made, it is a little different then the earrings. But they are finished. And now I have found a rhythm to making them. 

So decided to dig out some different beads. These have a sparkle to them. So picked out five colors for the petals and started them. More on that later. 
The new one. I can see all the mistakes in the picture. 
I found out that our park has a walking group so went out this morning to join them. This is such a pretty time of year when the wind isn't blowing.  Some of the roses around the clubhouse. 
A cactus starting to bloom.
Some of the pretty flowering bushes around. We have one like this in our backyard. 
Another cactus that has lots of blooms.
Heard honking and looked up. I've seen this pair before but never been able to get a picture of them. Canadian Geese that must live in the wetlands.
Another pretty flowering bush. 
Only two other women in the walking group this morning. Nice to walk with someone - at least I got out there and did it. Got in just shy of 6000 steps and it is only 9:30. At least my FitBit won't scold me this week. The group walks at 8:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My intention is to join them. My reality might be different. 

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Talk about lucky

Last week I paid the registration for both cars and have been waiting to get the renewal notice in the mail for the RV. Well today Bill brought the RV home from storage to do some work on it and I happened to look at the sticker on the license plate -April. April? I thought it was due in May. So looked at the registration paper. It is due April 21!!! What? We never got the renewal in the mail - it must have come during that two week period when our mail was screwed up and we didn't get any thing. So I went on line a found out I could register it without the code on the renewal paper by using the license number and vin number. So before we put it back in storage we took it a couple of blocks away to get it smogged. It passed. So when we got home I went on line and paid the registration. All taken care of for another year.  Good thing he brought it home today - there is a hefty fine if it is past due. 

Speaking of RV's Came across this picture on line. One of South America's toughest roads. It is the road we took from Chile to Argentina in 1978 in the motorhome on our way to Argentina. Can you imagine what it was like then. There were no guard rails nor any banking of the highway. And it wasn't that wide either. 

Although Chile and Argentina share more than 5,000 miles of the border, due to the mighty Andes, there are only a few places in which to cross. One of the most nerve-racking, albeit beautiful passes is the Paso de Los Libertadores. This popular pass forms the main connection between Santiago, Chile, and Mendoza, Argentina.

I finally have a pair of earrings finished. A close look at one. 

Here is the pair and one of the first tries I made. going to make it into a matching necklace. Now working on the band for the necklace. 
Now that it has warmed up enough for him to work in the garage - and before it gets too hot to work out there - Bill is working on his wooden rooster. Lots and lots of pieces to it. 

Just a few of the pieces of wood that will go into its feather like look. 

And that is about all we did today. Last nights sunset was kind of pretty. 

Not much else going on here. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Got a few things done on Tuesday.

Looks like we skipped Spring and went directly to Summer this year. The next three days are the coolest days we've had this month. And they are cool only because of the WIND. They judge wind here by garbage cans - if they stay in your yard - no wind, if they blow over - breezy. The last couple of days it has been - you can't find them. Bill took his anemometer - wind measuring thingy - out back and measured gusts to 56 sustained at 30. By the end of next week we will be back up into the 90's. UGH. A couple of days the Dew Point was in minus numbers - humidity about 2.

Night before last a pretty sunset. Just happened to look outside at the right time. 
Yesterday we took my car, the mustang, to WalMart to have tires put on it.  Just to waste time I decided I'd go to the hair cut place to see if they were open. They were and no one was there. So got my hair cut. Trying to let it grow out a little but can't stand it in the back when it gets shaggy. So got a nice trim.
Did over 5000 steps just wandering around the store waiting for the car to be ready. Up and down every aisle, saw more of the store then ever before. I did wander through toys and much to my surprise found a great puzzle set. Eight puzzles and a good manufacture. The pieces are nice size and not flimsy. Best part only $18.50. A year ago on line it was $40!
So had to do one yesterday afternoon. One of the small ones. 
It took them 2 1/2 hours to get the tires on the car...Luckily while walking around the store I managed restraint and didn't buy the place out. And got some walking in. 
Finally finished the earrings, now making necklace. Pictures later. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Las Vegas Valley

Well both NASCAR races, Friday night and Saturday night were rained out. So watched both of them yesterday. 
I continue to work on the earring. I think I finally have it figured out. I am using the same thread the Huichol use and the same kind of beads they use. Special ones that are all the same size. We had bought a bunch of them a few years ago in Guadalajara for Bill to use to bead figurines. 
He never did do much so have a lot of them. 
The thread is so thin it is almost invisible and slips out of the needle without me even realizing it. [Bill snuck up on me and took these pictures.]
The three in the picture are the original one I bought and two of my disasters.
The completed earring. Also remembered something I read a long time ago about the tricks of the beaded jewelry. My problem with the earring was that it was floppy instead of ridged. The solution  White Glue. Works great. Now I can make the second earring and have a set. Will also try making some more with other colors of the beads. 

I glanced out the window of the sewing room and got a real surprise. The ocotillo is blooming and has leaves all over it. Amazing what warm weather can do. A couple of days ago it was just dry sticks. 

The bloom on top 

Saw what sounded like a good recipe on line the other day. Bourbon chicken cooked in crock pot. No bourbon involved. So made it last night. For sure a keeper.  Had it with baked potato and roasted asparagus. No pictures. Bet it would be good on salmon too. 

The bunny in our yard again. Going home I guess. 

Some drone video Bill took of the valley yesterday. The winds have been blowing lately so there is a layer of dust over the city.  Goes from the back of our home looking out over the Wetlands, surprised as how quickly it is recovering from the fire. Drone swings around to see downtown Vegas, then the buildings on the strip. Then looking towards the south and Henderson. Those mountains had snow on them not too long ago. Continues to the east and over the Wetlands again.  To see it full screen click here. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Yesterday was interesting.

A nice thing to see to start one's day. (as long as he isn't eating our plants!)

Yesterday was one of those unexpected occurrences that you either get upset about or take in stride.

Our touchy dishwasher finally decided to quit altogether. Of course it was FULL of dirty dishes, pots and pans. I've been baking and cooking lately. Should not do that. So called the home warranty company. Some one will call me back within 24 to 48 hours. Crap, guess I'd better do the dishes. Of course we wash dishes in the RV but only for one meal and usually use paper plates. I discovered the dish washing detergent I had is a brand I will not buy again. Two dishes and the suds were gone! But I did have some dawn too, used it and that's all I'll buy any more. I remember washing dishes when I was a kid. I'm sure I didn't make as big a mess then as I did today. I had water all over the counters, my blouse was soaking wet and the dish towels I have must be made for decoration cause they sure didn't want to dry the dishes. Was going to have slow cooker bourbon chicken tonight for dinner - nope - salad or sandwiches on paper plates. And wash the knife right after using it. 

Oh Goody - the repair service just called. They will be here between 2 and 6 today!!! [adding today] He showed up at five to six. He looked the dishwasher over, opened and closed it. Pushed the start button and OF COURSE it worked. He was here about an hour. Starting and stopping it and it KEPT WORKING. Damn thing. It better work next time I go to use it. 

Yesterday morning Bill took my car, the Mustang, to the service garage to get its oil changed. So he got out of drying dishes. But before he left he put up the brackets for my curtain rod in the small beading room. So probably will work on making the curtains later. As soon as I dry off. I got long panel sheers that I'm going to cut to window length then use extra fabric to make a valance - I hope. Finished the curtains. Before

After - after seeing them up I think I'll get panels for the sides. Will look more finished - this looks too little girl bedroomy. Those are all containers of beads on the table.  

Watched a couple of TVs last night. There was a hockey game and a NASCAR on at the same time. Well NASCAR race got postponed till Sunday - raining. And the LV Golden Knights won at home. 

I am still working on the beaded earrings, think I have finally figured them out. This is my third try so hope I'm right. Third try had to be torn completely up because I shorted one petal five beads - grrrr. So today will try again. 

Original one on left, first try, second try. Getting a little better.
And today am going to make the bourbon chicken in the slow cooker. Just puttering around the house yesterday I got in 4000 steps. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

The days go by...

We were on our way to the Bill's optometrist appointment and I saw this sign. I wish the people who need some Logic would take advantage of it. 

Coming home we stopped and got the Mustang smogged - yep that time of year already. Today we are going to WalMart so I can get my curtain rod so Bill took the Jeep out. On the way home will smog it too. Then register both on line.  

This morning before it got too hot I took a 3000 step walk around the neighborhood. The cactus are starting to bloom. Such pretty flowers on such mean looking plants. 

A lot of the flowering bushes are blooming too. All colors and types. 
The park owners have decided that a lot of the big beautiful pine trees have to be cut down. The owner of the home where this one is located was talking to the landscapers. There is no way he can stop it being cut down as the land and big trees belong to the park. He was not happy. The landscaper had  one and half pages of lot numbers and trees that are going to come down. Going to be a lot of unhappy people.

This is one of the few "kind of " sunsets we've had in the last few days. Can't compare to Mazatlan, but at least it was something. 

Our home with the setting sun lighting it up.

I've moved my stained glass out into the garage where I've just been puttering around with it. Been picking out the pieces and colors of chunks of glass that will make up the background. And have ordered the glass that will make the frame. Hopefully it is still being made. 

Does any one else like Sun Maid Raisin bread. It used to come with an inner plastic wrapping - not any more. And the size of the slices are about half of what they used to be. It is hard to get them out of the toaster they are so small. No reduction in price though. 

This is a slice sitting on top of a slice of white bread. Much smaller and the white bread is also smaller then it used to be. 
I guess we are now in the stage of our lives where doctor appointments control what we do. We saw our primary care doctor on Tuesday. So now we are getting referrals to specialists and more lab tests. I always feel much better going in then I do when we leave. 

Went to WalMart this morning and got my curtain rod, so will make the curtains today or tomorrow. Also got the Jeep smogged and both cars registered for another year. 
Called the doctor I've been referred to because of the lab tests that indicate I might have lupus. I sure hope it isn't important cause they are booked up until NEXT YEAR. 
And life goes on and on...

Monday, April 5, 2021

The day after the day after.

I should not have been bragging about no after effects from the shot. Got the 2nd shot Tuesday, felt fine Wednesday - Thursday was another day. I woke up with a headache and upset stomach, both left after coffee and eating. But both of us were SOOOO tired all day we could hardly keep our eyes open. Yesterday I was fine, Bill still a little tired. Today feel normal. We had Phizer shots.  

Yesterdays sunrise, yes I was up that early. I am so glad we have nothing but the desert behind us. And it was a nice day. Very little wind and in the 80's

We did make a WalMart run decided I wanted ham for Easter. They had very few left. Wanted a smaller one, but guess we will freeze a lot of it. Also picked up some instant Betty Crocker sweet potatoes. Might be good. 

I am still trying to figure out the beaded earring. The hardest part is counting the beads correctly.  Involved a lot of ripping out. 

So here is the finished product. Mine is on the right. There are several mistakes in it, involving miscounting beads. But now have the general idea. BUT for some reason theirs is very stiff and mine is floppy, which won't make a pretty earring. Need to change thread or pull tighter I guess. It would be okay as a hanging pendant. 

So will try to finish this NOW.  I have started another earring with a different thread, it is a little stretchy, but hard to see and use. It is so fine it just falls out of the needle with out me knowing it.

Also ordering some glass that I need to make the stained glass piece. Need it if I want it to match the one that is done. And bought some curtains for the window in the "small room" It is where I do my beading. They are long, to the floor, sheer panels so I plan on cutting them off to just below the window sill and using the cut material to make a valence. One of these days.

Yesterday I did cook the ham, it was very good and we have lots of left overs! Also the sweet potatoes, they were pretty good and corn. So nice Easter dinner. I took a walk in the morning, but that was about it for the day.  Bill is still a little tired.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

The day after the day after the 2nd shot.

So we got our 2nd shot on Tuesday. Yesterday my arm was really sore, Bill just a little. He also felt a little more tired than usual. I was fine until about 8:30 when I crashed. Could be because we were both up really early. 3 o'clock for him and 4:30 for me. 

This morning I woke up with a headache and some leg aches. Both went away after coffee and moving around so probably not from the shot. So that is over with. 

Yesterday I got the cooking bug. Made four dozen peanut butter cookies and cooked a really good dinner. Originally I didn't plan on making dinner as we had left overs from the night before when I cooked Bill's favorite Paella. But then I saw a good sounding recipe for small red potatoes cooked in crock pot. Seasoned with olive oil, butter, Italian seasoning, garlic and Parmesan cheese. Had to try it. But still didn't plan on making a whole dinner. But changed mind and got hungry smelling the potatoes cooking. Had some chicken tenders in freezer, defrosted them and coated in panko, chia seeds and Italian seasoning. Added lemon juice and capers and butter to the pan. Yum. Also had some frozen asparagus, cooked it in butter and garlic until browned.  So here is our meal. Really really good. 

During the day I'd worked on trying to figure out how to make these earrings. Bought them in Mazatlan but thought I could reproduce them. Harder than it looks. Have started and tore up three times. Finally got smart and made a reference pattern. Will try them again today. That is the original earring in the picture. Going to give it another try today. Have the beads and time so...
Also did go out in the garage, it is finally warm enough to go out there, and did some work on my stained glass. Did some soldering. 
Then got out my scrap glass and started pulling out pieces to make the back ground. 
This is the original hanging I made, the one I'm working on will be a companion to it. So I have a lot of background and framing to do. 
But first I have to lay the horn out on the right sized  blank pattern to make sure I make it will be the same, more or less, size. Also need to get some of the glass I used for the frame. Good luck with that. 
Weird thing happened the other day. I haven't been wearing my FitBit for a while, but it was plugged in charging, I thought, on my desk. When I went on line to my mail there was an e-mail from FitBit telling me my battery was low.??? Checked it and sure enough the charging plug wasn't completely in. BUT to GET an e-mail telling me about it was kind of spooky.
This  morning I figured out how to get Amazon Prime movies etc. on our TV. Surprised me I could do it. Now have to remember to use it. 
Only thing planned for today, gas the car (before prices go up any more) and go to WalMart to see if we can get a honey baked spiral ham.