Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Spring lasted about two days and summer has arrived full force.  Although it did snow in the mountains around us yesterday. At the house it only got to 67 as the high. Today it will be mid 80's with WIND and more WIND. So we will have blow dryer weather for a while. Hot and windy. 

Got out for my walk both Monday in the cold wind and today in the warm wind. Monday got in 9100 steps, so far today 6060 and it is only noon. Saw this pretty flower while walking today. It looked like it was part of an oleander bush??? Going to try to find it on line. Almost looks like an iris.
The last couple of days been trying to stay busy. Working on puzzles. This one was fun. Every piece had three to six different colors on it. Also have done a couple of 150 piece ones - they take less than an hour. 
Also got the Bissel wet dry cleaner out. Was embarrassed to discover how dirty our kitchen floor was. I mop it all the time but guess I wasn't doing a very good job with just the mop. I wish this has a stiffer brush though instead of a cloth brush. So now have a clean floor and will use this and the mop from now on. 
I finished the third pair of earrings. These are sparkly pastel colored beads. Turned out pretty. I checked how long it took me to make just one. About 1 1/2 hours - including ripping out and redoing some. Thinking about doing one in black, white and gray and maybe red. 
Think I mentioned we have another great granddaughter on the way. So I've been thinking about making her a quilt. The other nine got quilts so...I have had the pretty checked material for a long time so though it would be pretty with the little girl/lady embroidered pieces. 
So I did one of the embroideries - it is a series of five. It has many, many stitches in it. And the thread kept breaking from the intricacy of the pattern. Drove me nuts. Thought maybe it was just this pattern, but tried one of the other ones this morning. About 1/4 of the way done I just stopped. Not worth the aggravation.  So rethinking quilt. 
And I heard from the stained glass shop this morning. They tried to order my glass but the glass company that makes it is out of the particular glass I need for my window. So have to wait to see if they get it back  in stock. So that is on hold for a while. 
Got my drape for the small room window yesterday. So maybe later today I'll cut it in half length ways so I'll have a set of drapes and then  shorten it to fit the window. Should look finished then. 
Been working on the plans for a trip later this summer. It will include four weeks on the Oregon coast - plus getting there and back. At least we'll be out of the heat for a while. 

Monday, April 26, 2021

Wierd weather

 We are having some wild weather this week. From snowing in the mountains today to maybe 100 by end of week. The wind has been blowing constantly for the last week or so. Bill measured a gust up to 54 mph. Our neighbors patio roof is coming up  more and more with each gust. Today the high will be in the 60's. By mid week the low at night will be in the 70's.

Even though it was cold and windy I went walking this morning. Only me and the lady from the clubhouse. Its a little after 2:00 and I have in 8200 steps. Next walk is Wednesday - only nice day of week. Really enjoying getting out and walking. 
Heard some loud noise out front and saw the tree cutter guys across the street from us cutting down some of the big pines. They left the biggest one and cut down a couple smaller ones. 
Trimming the branches off first.   So far they have left our two big ones in the back yard alone. 
We have had a couple of nice sunsets lately, Almost missed this one. 
On one of my walks saw these pretty pansies planted in the planters around the tennis courts by the clubhouse. They are such pretty flowers. 

Our jasmine is blooming like crazy. We can smell it even with the doors closed. Too bad the blooms don't last longer. 
And the Palo Verde is blooming. In a few days it should be loaded with yellow flowers. IF the wind doesn't blow them all off. 
Just one of the lantanas. They are all blooming and getting bigger every day. 
And out by our front/side door everything is growing great and flowering. Love this time of year. And almost all our plants bloom all summer. 
Not doing too much. I am still playing with the beaded earrings. Going to start on a new pair, different colors later today. And think I'll do a quilt square on the embroidery machine to see how it turns out. Not sure the pattern will look as nice in real life as it looks on line. 
Also been working a bunch of small 150 piece puzzles, they sure go quick. Might even cook dinner tonight. Haven't done any cooking for a while. 

Friday, April 23, 2021

The rest of The Wetlands walk

 Another really nice day here today. I went out with the walking group this morning. We were going to walk in the Wetlands but a couple of people hadn't brought any water with them and it was already starting to get warm at 8:30. So cut it short and came back and walked around our community. So far today 5:00 p.m. have 6500 steps in. 

So here are the rest of the pictures from  yesterday.  By now we were on the other side of the creek and lagoons. So looking west it was pretty much desert growth, or lack of it. 

Looking east towards the water area. 
Looking west towards where we live. What a difference water makes. 
Another pond.
A pretty big turtle. At first I thought it was a rock and a stick. 
Some water fowl. 
Peace and quiet. 

Part of the walkways are paved others dirt. 
This was a really tiny bird.
Burned tree in the middle of green growth. 
A really old big tree that was getting new leaves above the burned part. 

There is a children's park just inside the gates. 
Things to climb on. 

And then we went home. We only walked a very small part of the park. Need to go over there more often. 
I finally finished the second set of earrings. And today I started a puzzle. And am thinking about a quilt I want to make for our 10th great grandbaby due in August. A little girl. So should be able to keep myself amused for a while. Also planning a trip for the summer in search of cooler weather. By next week it is supposed to reach 99 degrees here. UGH. 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

A walk in The Wetlands this morning

It was such a beautiful day out Bill and I decided to take a little walk in The Wetlands. The day was neither hot nor cold, big blue sky and no wind, just a very slight breeze. 

I couldn't resist taking a picture of my beautiful blooming ocotillo. 

I have taken a lot of pictures of sunrises over the Wetlands - so today you get to see some of the area. 

The wetlands at the eastern edge of the Las Vegas Valley are a rare and strikingly beautiful ecosystem that serve as home to more than 200 species of birds, including herons, egrets, quail, hawks, ducks and exotic migratory birds, as well as 70 species of reptiles and mammals such as beavers, bobcats, coyotes and snakes.

The entire Las Vegas Valley watershed, encompassing some 1600 square miles, drains to Lake Mead via the Las Vegas Wash.  That portion of the Las Vegas Wash downstream from the urban area of Las Vegas is a green oasis of wetlands and water courses nourished by the treated and purified wastewater of Las Vegas on its return journey to Lake Mead and the Colorado River.

Trails wind alongside ponds and streams, through mesquite woodland, rich greenery and picturesque desert vistas, offering an exquisite retreat, a peaceful sanctuary seemingly a world apart from the bustle and commotion of the city.

The only thing we saw moving were turtles and some birds. But at least once a week, at night, we hear the coyotes yipping and howling.  So here are some pictures. We only walked around a very small of part of the park. 
The trees are SOOOO green. 
We could here the burbling of the water before we saw it. 
One of the many trees that were burned in the fire I wrote about a couple of months ago. 
Just some of the different plants. 
Walking along a dirt/gravel path to one of the small lagoons. 
There are really nice board walks around this one.

Some turtles sunning on a rock. 

The dry desert is never far away. 
One of the many little waterfalls in the area. 
Another look at the turtles for a little further on the trail. 
I think there were the geese again. 
Just thought it was pretty with all the different plants.
Another burnt tree with new green growth around it. 

Lots of burnt trees. 
Water and a meadow. 

Walking toward home. We only live about 1/4 mile from here.  Took more pictures but will share them tomorrow. 
Yesterday I joined the walking group again, only me and the lady who works for the community who got it started. We just walked around the blocks here in our community. But with that and going to WalMart I got in over 8000 steps. Today I forgot to wear my fitbit so don't know how far we went. Probably just a little over a mile.