Friday, April 23, 2021

The rest of The Wetlands walk

 Another really nice day here today. I went out with the walking group this morning. We were going to walk in the Wetlands but a couple of people hadn't brought any water with them and it was already starting to get warm at 8:30. So cut it short and came back and walked around our community. So far today 5:00 p.m. have 6500 steps in. 

So here are the rest of the pictures from  yesterday.  By now we were on the other side of the creek and lagoons. So looking west it was pretty much desert growth, or lack of it. 

Looking east towards the water area. 
Looking west towards where we live. What a difference water makes. 
Another pond.
A pretty big turtle. At first I thought it was a rock and a stick. 
Some water fowl. 
Peace and quiet. 

Part of the walkways are paved others dirt. 
This was a really tiny bird.
Burned tree in the middle of green growth. 
A really old big tree that was getting new leaves above the burned part. 

There is a children's park just inside the gates. 
Things to climb on. 

And then we went home. We only walked a very small part of the park. Need to go over there more often. 
I finally finished the second set of earrings. And today I started a puzzle. And am thinking about a quilt I want to make for our 10th great grandbaby due in August. A little girl. So should be able to keep myself amused for a while. Also planning a trip for the summer in search of cooler weather. By next week it is supposed to reach 99 degrees here. UGH. 

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