Thursday, April 15, 2021

Talk about lucky

Last week I paid the registration for both cars and have been waiting to get the renewal notice in the mail for the RV. Well today Bill brought the RV home from storage to do some work on it and I happened to look at the sticker on the license plate -April. April? I thought it was due in May. So looked at the registration paper. It is due April 21!!! What? We never got the renewal in the mail - it must have come during that two week period when our mail was screwed up and we didn't get any thing. So I went on line a found out I could register it without the code on the renewal paper by using the license number and vin number. So before we put it back in storage we took it a couple of blocks away to get it smogged. It passed. So when we got home I went on line and paid the registration. All taken care of for another year.  Good thing he brought it home today - there is a hefty fine if it is past due. 

Speaking of RV's Came across this picture on line. One of South America's toughest roads. It is the road we took from Chile to Argentina in 1978 in the motorhome on our way to Argentina. Can you imagine what it was like then. There were no guard rails nor any banking of the highway. And it wasn't that wide either. 

Although Chile and Argentina share more than 5,000 miles of the border, due to the mighty Andes, there are only a few places in which to cross. One of the most nerve-racking, albeit beautiful passes is the Paso de Los Libertadores. This popular pass forms the main connection between Santiago, Chile, and Mendoza, Argentina.

I finally have a pair of earrings finished. A close look at one. 

Here is the pair and one of the first tries I made. going to make it into a matching necklace. Now working on the band for the necklace. 
Now that it has warmed up enough for him to work in the garage - and before it gets too hot to work out there - Bill is working on his wooden rooster. Lots and lots of pieces to it. 

Just a few of the pieces of wood that will go into its feather like look. 

And that is about all we did today. Last nights sunset was kind of pretty. 

Not much else going on here. 


Elva Shannon said...

Wow. You are both talented AND adventurous!

Marla Terry said...

Great to see you keeping busy!