Saturday, April 10, 2021

Yesterday was interesting.

A nice thing to see to start one's day. (as long as he isn't eating our plants!)

Yesterday was one of those unexpected occurrences that you either get upset about or take in stride.

Our touchy dishwasher finally decided to quit altogether. Of course it was FULL of dirty dishes, pots and pans. I've been baking and cooking lately. Should not do that. So called the home warranty company. Some one will call me back within 24 to 48 hours. Crap, guess I'd better do the dishes. Of course we wash dishes in the RV but only for one meal and usually use paper plates. I discovered the dish washing detergent I had is a brand I will not buy again. Two dishes and the suds were gone! But I did have some dawn too, used it and that's all I'll buy any more. I remember washing dishes when I was a kid. I'm sure I didn't make as big a mess then as I did today. I had water all over the counters, my blouse was soaking wet and the dish towels I have must be made for decoration cause they sure didn't want to dry the dishes. Was going to have slow cooker bourbon chicken tonight for dinner - nope - salad or sandwiches on paper plates. And wash the knife right after using it. 

Oh Goody - the repair service just called. They will be here between 2 and 6 today!!! [adding today] He showed up at five to six. He looked the dishwasher over, opened and closed it. Pushed the start button and OF COURSE it worked. He was here about an hour. Starting and stopping it and it KEPT WORKING. Damn thing. It better work next time I go to use it. 

Yesterday morning Bill took my car, the Mustang, to the service garage to get its oil changed. So he got out of drying dishes. But before he left he put up the brackets for my curtain rod in the small beading room. So probably will work on making the curtains later. As soon as I dry off. I got long panel sheers that I'm going to cut to window length then use extra fabric to make a valance - I hope. Finished the curtains. Before

After - after seeing them up I think I'll get panels for the sides. Will look more finished - this looks too little girl bedroomy. Those are all containers of beads on the table.  

Watched a couple of TVs last night. There was a hockey game and a NASCAR on at the same time. Well NASCAR race got postponed till Sunday - raining. And the LV Golden Knights won at home. 

I am still working on the beaded earrings, think I have finally figured them out. This is my third try so hope I'm right. Third try had to be torn completely up because I shorted one petal five beads - grrrr. So today will try again. 

Original one on left, first try, second try. Getting a little better.
And today am going to make the bourbon chicken in the slow cooker. Just puttering around the house yesterday I got in 4000 steps. 

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