Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bad rains torm here in Vegas last night.

Today was a "cool" day only 103! And only because last night we had a heck of a thunder storm. Lots and lots of lightening. In fact it was so bad it took out one of our local TV channels. It didn't get back up and running until later this morning. 
So when I got up it was cool enough to go out in the garage and work on my window a little. Got the back side all cleaned up and polished and put the polish on the front side. Letting it dry in the heat during the day and hopefully tomorrow morning I can polish it up. The white stuff is the polish. When dry I use a small scrub brush to get it off then a soft cloth to finish the polishing. Then it will be ready to put up. [sure hope it fits!]
 Later during the afternoon I pulled my t-shirt quilt out to work on it some. I got all the strips put together. Then had to make sure they were the same length. Spread it out on the floor to check the way they looked. 
 Decided on the width of the sashing that will hold the strips together. And cut them. Sewing them together will wait for another day. But did put it on our bed to check out how it will look. I just laid the sashing between strips. 
 A closer look at a few of the blocks with the sashing. Still have to do some trimming of the strips. Then will have to get some edging, batting and backing. Maybe I'll have it ready for RV before we leave for Mexico. 
When I get the strips sewed together I'll have to take it to RV to make sure it will fit. 
Not much else going on around here. Tomorrow have to go to the stained glass store. They ordered some glass for me and are not sure it is the right glass. It will be for the border for the companion window - when I decide to do it.
Watched Argentina play in a World Cup Qualifier today. Ended up 0 to 0 - boring game to me. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

We are home

Just a quick post to let everyone know that we are now home in Vegas. It was just too hot to enjoy Sedona. Or too rainy. So we decided to come home. Where it is too hot and rainy. But at least we have room to move around in the house. Got most of the RV unloaded today. Just a couple things left to do in it tomorrow, then back into storage. At least everything worked this trip, no having to go back to the dealer. 
We didn't get any rain at our house but got a big wind storm for a while. Tomorrow there is chance for rain too. 
Need to make a market run tomorrow and I think I'm going to try another of the companies that provide the meals in a box. Maybe Blue Apron. 
Looks like all our new plants are still happy. Kind of worried about them in the last weeks heat. Been up to 111 here. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Scenes from Cottonwood

We spent most of Saturday in the RV. Just venturing out to go to lunch and take a short ride through old town Cottonwood. It just gets too hot too quick to be outside during the day. 
Don't tell any one but I miss the Alfa on days like this. The sun is just beating on us here in the Verde River valley. So we have the shades down, foil over the driver's side window and a big windshield cover. Along with the dark wood it gets kind of depressing in here. We're supposed to be here another week, but don't think we'll last that long. Today is supposed to be the hottest day - over 100 - then cooling down to mid to upper 90's. Enough complaining - it is 109 in Vegas!
Been watching the weather channels about Texas - can't imagine that much rain. Also saw the pictures from Rockport. We were there a few years ago. Feel so sorry for everyone. Can't imagine having to deal with something like that. Shouldn't complain about the heat I guess. 
For any one who has been to Cottonwood - this used to be the Sizzler restaurant. Sometime within the last year the Black Bear Diner opened. Good food. 
 After having lunch in Georgie's we took a short ride through the old town part of Cottonwood. I like the sign for the bike shop. 
Building next door to the bike shop, didn't catch what it is but had a couple of different pieces of art in the yard. 
 I like these buildings made of different rocks. Several of them around. 
 Into old town - not a good picture of mural but it is nice. 
 In the parking lot of the Hippy Emporium.
Looking out over the valley kind of north west - there was rain all around us so it is making it really humid. 
Interesting to see who won "the fight" - I wonder if there will be a rematch - I understand there were still tickets available in the arena.
Might not be feasible to have a rematch. Just my opinion.
We spent most of the day here in the RV - it was up over 100 today. Watching the news from Texas. Hard to imagine how it will be after the rain stops.
About 6:00 we decided to go out to dinner. There have been clouds and wind off and on most of the afternoon, but no rain. We went to Black Bear for dinner and when we left it was sprinkling over the parking lot. But heavy rain not too far away. 
 Looking toward Cottonwood and Jerome, rain on this side of the mountains, sun on the other side. 
 Looking west to over the desert. Cloud burst out there. Trying to be a sunset.

 Glad that is out there and not over us. 
 As we got to the RV park the sky started to really light up. Almost looked like a fire. Picture doesn't do the red justice. 

Just barely sprinkling when we got back to the RV. But the wind has picked up. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sedona in the evening

Yesterday pretty much hung around the campground all day. Only made a WalMart run for a few groceries. But Thursday evening we took a ride into the town of Sedona around dusk. I cut up my Sedona t-shirt for my quilt that I'm working on so I wanted to get another t-shirt. Lots of big beautiful clouds in the sky as we headed north towards Sedona. 
Coming down the hill into town. I like the way they control the building. Sometimes it is hard to find the buildings they blend so well into the landscape. Even McDonalds and CVS blend in with the red rocks. 
The sun was down far enough it was really lighting up the red rocks east of town. 
I know it is blurry but I didn't have any more time to focus. I've seen this same person, I think it is a women, several times when we've been here in this area. Hard to miss.
More red rocks with the sunlight on them. 

We continued on to the north end of town where there are a lot of small shops. We got there a little after six so there were even parking spaces and we didn't have to pay for parking. Walking along we came across a couple of the cute painted/decorated jalevinas. 

Another one. 
A neat statue. Hard to get a good picture with the sun going down. 
And another neat statue. The painter and the little girl taking his picture. Very realistic. The nice thing about coming to town in the evening. It was cool enough to walk around and hardly any foot traffic. Mostly everyone else downtown was already sitting in one of the many restaurants. 
Cute. There was quite a bit of money in the bowl. 
Another art piece in one of the shopping areas. We only walked a couple of blocks on one side of the street. It took a while for me to find a shirt I liked.
More shops down through here, but several were already closed.
Just another picture of the red hills.
When we first went by this several children were playing with it. Sweet sounds even when just being plunked by kids. 
Heading back towards Cottonwood. Lots of big dark clouds in the sky. 
Kind of a pretty sunset under them. 
Strange cloud. Looks like a big  angry bird.
I wonder if it was raining where the dark cloud reaches the ground. 
The sun's rays going up.

Just before we turned off the highway. One of the dark clouds with a red bottom.
Yesterday was a warm day - almost 100 - and today it will reach 100, cooling down by Monday [just under 100] thank goodness. So watching a soccer game on TV this morning. 
I did finally find a t-shirt, but wasn't what I was looking for. You'd think there be some with the red rocks on them. Hard to find. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Colors of Sedona, AZ

Had some rain yesterday evening and thunder and lightening all night. So some left over clouds at sunrise this morning. 
This morning before it got too hot we drove up Sedona way just to look at the scenery. On the highway before getting into town.

We took Dry Creek Road off into the desert 
One pretty sight after another. It is amazing how green it is here this year. Must be all the rain they've had. 

Ran out of pavement so ended up on a dirt road for about six miles. After the rain last night the road was damp and there was no dust.
With his new tires Willie was in his element. We all enjoyed the jaunt. 

Lots of green meadows.
Almost to the highway. Such a pretty drive. So peaceful. 
Came home for the heat of the afternoon and went back to Sedona in the evening.