Thursday, August 24, 2017

Colors of Sedona, AZ

Had some rain yesterday evening and thunder and lightening all night. So some left over clouds at sunrise this morning. 
This morning before it got too hot we drove up Sedona way just to look at the scenery. On the highway before getting into town.

We took Dry Creek Road off into the desert 
One pretty sight after another. It is amazing how green it is here this year. Must be all the rain they've had. 

Ran out of pavement so ended up on a dirt road for about six miles. After the rain last night the road was damp and there was no dust.
With his new tires Willie was in his element. We all enjoyed the jaunt. 

Lots of green meadows.
Almost to the highway. Such a pretty drive. So peaceful. 
Came home for the heat of the afternoon and went back to Sedona in the evening. 

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