Sunday, August 20, 2017

Our last meal

The last meal of the ones we had delivered, NOT our last meal. This one was chicken breast with Italian seasoning, zucchini and tomato baked with Parmesan and mozzarella cheese and panko crumbs. And Orzo with lemon juice and parsley. Again all very good. From the time I took them out of the bag until we sat down to eat - around 40 minutes. 
 Getting things prepared. Used three pans for whole meal. 
 On the table.
 I have cancelled our subscription to Hello Fresh because we will be on the road for a couple weeks. No problem with cancelling.
Yesterday, Saturday, the maintenance workers put the new skirting on our house. One of their trucks. And Bill was teaching the park manager how to fly a drone. The park is thinking that the four sided inspections would be easier to do using a drone. 
One of the maintenance men. Everyone was here early in the a.m. Park manager was here at 5:45 to get his drone lessons. Wanted to have plenty of time before it got too hot out. 
The new skirting - the discoloring is lint on my camera. Sure looks better than before. 
Because I got up at 5:00 too I managed to finish the soldering on my window. Both front and back are soldered. Now I just have to do some touch up on the soldering, then clean it really good and then put the black patina on it. Then it can go up. But it will not get done right away. 
We've made plans to go on an RV trip for a couple of weeks. Leaving first of week. So the RV is out in front of the house for today and tomorrow. Bill wants to do some work in it. And then we'll load it up. More on that later. 
I spent a lot of time Wednesday and Friday watching NASCAR on TV. My favorite driver won the race Wednesday night and Friday night. And last nights race too. Sweep the whole weekend at Bristol. Only driver ever to win all three NASCAR touring series [Trucks, Xfinity and Cup] races in one weekend. The first two races this week he has had to come from the back to win. 
Yesterday we went to the ice cream social here in the park. Ice Cream infused with alcohol. Also cupcakes and cookies. They had a pretty good turnout. 
Finished my window this morning. It is all cleaned up and has the patina on it. Just have to polish both sides and it will be ready to put up. 

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