Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bad rains torm here in Vegas last night.

Today was a "cool" day only 103! And only because last night we had a heck of a thunder storm. Lots and lots of lightening. In fact it was so bad it took out one of our local TV channels. It didn't get back up and running until later this morning. 
So when I got up it was cool enough to go out in the garage and work on my window a little. Got the back side all cleaned up and polished and put the polish on the front side. Letting it dry in the heat during the day and hopefully tomorrow morning I can polish it up. The white stuff is the polish. When dry I use a small scrub brush to get it off then a soft cloth to finish the polishing. Then it will be ready to put up. [sure hope it fits!]
 Later during the afternoon I pulled my t-shirt quilt out to work on it some. I got all the strips put together. Then had to make sure they were the same length. Spread it out on the floor to check the way they looked. 
 Decided on the width of the sashing that will hold the strips together. And cut them. Sewing them together will wait for another day. But did put it on our bed to check out how it will look. I just laid the sashing between strips. 
 A closer look at a few of the blocks with the sashing. Still have to do some trimming of the strips. Then will have to get some edging, batting and backing. Maybe I'll have it ready for RV before we leave for Mexico. 
When I get the strips sewed together I'll have to take it to RV to make sure it will fit. 
Not much else going on around here. Tomorrow have to go to the stained glass store. They ordered some glass for me and are not sure it is the right glass. It will be for the border for the companion window - when I decide to do it.
Watched Argentina play in a World Cup Qualifier today. Ended up 0 to 0 - boring game to me. 

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