Sunday, August 6, 2017

Interesting Vegas Sunrise.

The weather has been changing here again. It is starting to dry out, lower humidity thank goodness. And for a couple of days we had highs below 100. Took this about 7:30 in the a.m. - the coolest it has been for months. Enjoyed while we could. Next week temps back to 105+.
Yesterday morning Bill left at 5:30 to go flying. I got up before he left. And so I got to see the sunrise. Or the trying to be sunrise - lots of dark clouds around. Sun below the hole in the clouds. 
 And in a little bit above the hole in the clouds. 
 It was also cook enough to finish the grinding of the glass on my window. Now it is ready to be soldered. I got everything set up and managed to solder about two inches before I got way too hot to do it. Guess it is going to wait a while for me to finish it. 
 Spent rest of yesterday working on other projects. Making another small quilt for another great grandchild. A four year old boy who I made a knitted blanket for when he was born. This will be the last quilt - all eight of them have them now. Same material I used for little girl but different sashing material. More boyish. Now I have to go shopping for backing and batting before I can finish it. 
 Also think I will quilt the animals like I did for the other one. 
Ran errands yesterday afternoon and I ended up in a yardage shop - like I really need to be in one...and bought a little bit of material. Might use it making a t-shirt quilt for the RV. Have t-shirts from all over the world. Problem is the designs are all different sizes. Will be a puzzle putting them together. 
Bill was at the hobby shop getting another drone while I was looking at material. I shouldn't have let him go in there alone!
We also went to Verizon to have one of our phones looked at and left there with a new MiFi - We NEVER get out of there without getting something new. They say "should not cost me anymore a month." Will believe it when I see it. 
Spent lots of yesterday and today watching NASCAR. #18 got poles both days for both races. He won yesterday and came in 6th today. Should have won, had fastest car, but a lug nut got stuck in his wheel and he had to make an extra pit stop to fix it. 
Also read an interesting book - chick book - "The Last Original Wife" by Dorothea Benton Frank. Good reading. And it was a free Barnes and Noble ebook. 
Tomorrow we have lots of errands to run and I have to call about our Internet - it keeps going off.

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Jackie McGuinness said...

Love that quilt and a silver lining in the clouds.