Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hello from Arizona

Sure was a nicer morning this morning than yesterday. Glad not to see any clouds. Got up about 6:00 had coffee, checked e-mail and finished loading the RV. Also checked list more than once to make sure we have loaded everything and done everything around the house that needed to be done. Left home about 7:30.
 We've been down this way so many times there isn't anything left to take pictures of. Did catch the lottery sign though. Lots of people from Nevada come here to Arizona to buy the tickets. In fact the place that sells them keeps expanding every year. 
 We stopped in Kingman at the Flying J to gas up at $2.15 a gallon - cheaper than Vegas for sure. Also had breakfast there - spent about an hour before hitting the I-40 again. They are finally starting to do much needed repairs on the highway. Much, much needed. Shades of Mexico lots of switching back and forth between east and west bound lanes. But no complaints we could already feel the improvements - a lot less shaking than even six months ago. 
 Beautiful blue sky with white puffy clouds. Lots of puddles in the fields and don't think I've seen the area this green in a long time. 
 Heading south on the 17 these guys passed up. Wonder what brand they are. All wrapped up in their quilts. 
Got to our destination around 2:30 -  301 miles - a long day for us. We are at the 1000 Trails Verde Valley RV Park. We have reservations for two weeks. But we'll see. It is not any cooler here, just different scenery.  Our Direct TV works good and I'm using our new Verizon JetPack. Seems to be working okay but a little slowdown here in the valley. Cell service kind of flits over the valley. 
Every thing on the RV seems to be working fine. Did learn something today though. Can't put the jacks down until the car is unhooked. The rear jacks really lifted the RV AND the car while Bill was trying to unhook. Oops. 
No plans for the rest of the day except to veg out. 
Ended up having to go to WalMart - discovered our white hoses were no longer white inside!!! ISH!!! Had to buy a couple new ones. Also got rotisserie chicken for dinner. 

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