Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sedona in the evening

Yesterday pretty much hung around the campground all day. Only made a WalMart run for a few groceries. But Thursday evening we took a ride into the town of Sedona around dusk. I cut up my Sedona t-shirt for my quilt that I'm working on so I wanted to get another t-shirt. Lots of big beautiful clouds in the sky as we headed north towards Sedona. 
Coming down the hill into town. I like the way they control the building. Sometimes it is hard to find the buildings they blend so well into the landscape. Even McDonalds and CVS blend in with the red rocks. 
The sun was down far enough it was really lighting up the red rocks east of town. 
I know it is blurry but I didn't have any more time to focus. I've seen this same person, I think it is a women, several times when we've been here in this area. Hard to miss.
More red rocks with the sunlight on them. 

We continued on to the north end of town where there are a lot of small shops. We got there a little after six so there were even parking spaces and we didn't have to pay for parking. Walking along we came across a couple of the cute painted/decorated jalevinas. 

Another one. 
A neat statue. Hard to get a good picture with the sun going down. 
And another neat statue. The painter and the little girl taking his picture. Very realistic. The nice thing about coming to town in the evening. It was cool enough to walk around and hardly any foot traffic. Mostly everyone else downtown was already sitting in one of the many restaurants. 
Cute. There was quite a bit of money in the bowl. 
Another art piece in one of the shopping areas. We only walked a couple of blocks on one side of the street. It took a while for me to find a shirt I liked.
More shops down through here, but several were already closed.
Just another picture of the red hills.
When we first went by this several children were playing with it. Sweet sounds even when just being plunked by kids. 
Heading back towards Cottonwood. Lots of big dark clouds in the sky. 
Kind of a pretty sunset under them. 
Strange cloud. Looks like a big  angry bird.
I wonder if it was raining where the dark cloud reaches the ground. 
The sun's rays going up.

Just before we turned off the highway. One of the dark clouds with a red bottom.
Yesterday was a warm day - almost 100 - and today it will reach 100, cooling down by Monday [just under 100] thank goodness. So watching a soccer game on TV this morning. 
I did finally find a t-shirt, but wasn't what I was looking for. You'd think there be some with the red rocks on them. Hard to find. 


Mark said...

Wonderful pictures, I am enjoying the blog very much. I look forward too seeing it always. Stay safe and keep up the great pics...

Carol and Bill said...

have you been to the Sedona area? If not you'd love it here - but not in the summer. How was your Moab trip?

Mark said...

Never been that way, Moab will have to wait till next year. I love the rock formations.