Sunday, August 13, 2017

I missed this sunrise!

All kinds of different weather lately. But the good thing is it is cooler. Very low 100's. The rain the other day. We got about 10 drops, but parts of the valley were deluged. This storm is over the west valley. 
 I saw this sunrise - Saturday morning. The one nice thing about monsoon weather the clouds in the sky. 
 Trying to figure out how to place all the t-shirt pieces. Some time today I'm going to go over to the RV and get exact measurements for the quilt size. Then maybe I'll be able to figure out some pattern. 
The square on the lower right corner will be my center piece. It is the biggest piece at 18 x 18". Will probably build the quilt around it. I wonder if I should try to make all the blocks 18 x 18? To do that will take some interesting piecing. 
 Bill got up this morning in time to witness this beautiful sunrise.

 It was actually cool enough in the garage this morning for me to work on my window. I got the red flower all soldered and a little work done on a few leaves. But after a short while my hands started shaking too bad to continue - and it was getting HOT. 
Soccer games and race today - none were any good. I was playing with my quilt during much of race. Got one block done and might end up ripping it out. Not sure if I like it or not. 

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Jackie McGuinness said...

I was going to do this with all our old t-shirts before we downsized. But got rid of them all.