Sunday, August 27, 2017

Scenes from Cottonwood

We spent most of Saturday in the RV. Just venturing out to go to lunch and take a short ride through old town Cottonwood. It just gets too hot too quick to be outside during the day. 
Don't tell any one but I miss the Alfa on days like this. The sun is just beating on us here in the Verde River valley. So we have the shades down, foil over the driver's side window and a big windshield cover. Along with the dark wood it gets kind of depressing in here. We're supposed to be here another week, but don't think we'll last that long. Today is supposed to be the hottest day - over 100 - then cooling down to mid to upper 90's. Enough complaining - it is 109 in Vegas!
Been watching the weather channels about Texas - can't imagine that much rain. Also saw the pictures from Rockport. We were there a few years ago. Feel so sorry for everyone. Can't imagine having to deal with something like that. Shouldn't complain about the heat I guess. 
For any one who has been to Cottonwood - this used to be the Sizzler restaurant. Sometime within the last year the Black Bear Diner opened. Good food. 
 After having lunch in Georgie's we took a short ride through the old town part of Cottonwood. I like the sign for the bike shop. 
Building next door to the bike shop, didn't catch what it is but had a couple of different pieces of art in the yard. 
 I like these buildings made of different rocks. Several of them around. 
 Into old town - not a good picture of mural but it is nice. 
 In the parking lot of the Hippy Emporium.
Looking out over the valley kind of north west - there was rain all around us so it is making it really humid. 
Interesting to see who won "the fight" - I wonder if there will be a rematch - I understand there were still tickets available in the arena.
Might not be feasible to have a rematch. Just my opinion.
We spent most of the day here in the RV - it was up over 100 today. Watching the news from Texas. Hard to imagine how it will be after the rain stops.
About 6:00 we decided to go out to dinner. There have been clouds and wind off and on most of the afternoon, but no rain. We went to Black Bear for dinner and when we left it was sprinkling over the parking lot. But heavy rain not too far away. 
 Looking toward Cottonwood and Jerome, rain on this side of the mountains, sun on the other side. 
 Looking west to over the desert. Cloud burst out there. Trying to be a sunset.

 Glad that is out there and not over us. 
 As we got to the RV park the sky started to really light up. Almost looked like a fire. Picture doesn't do the red justice. 

Just barely sprinkling when we got back to the RV. But the wind has picked up. 

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