Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Las Vegas rainstorm. Loud and quick

Started to write this yesterday and didn't finish it. 
Busy busy day today, got a lot more done than planned. And wouldn't you know I slept in..long enough that Bill looked in to check on me! First was to change and wash the bedding. And as long ads I was washing might as well do it all. Bill wanted his shoes washed so that meant I needed something to go in the washer with  them - how about the kitchen rugs. Then if the rugs were up why not mop that floor - which turned out to include the dining, living and small room floors too.
But before the rest of the laundry got started we had errands to run. But, of course, first breakfast. Bill had steak, potatoes and salad - so no cooking dinner tonight. Then to UPS to mail the two quilts. Then to the grocery store. On the way home we stopped at the community office to get the new parking tags for our cars and drop off the puzzles I'd finished. And while there signed up for the Ice Cream Social later this month. Sounds like fun.
Then home, paid bills and did my monthly back-up of my computer. Try to remember to do it the end of every month. Sent emails to recipients of the packages so they'll be looking for them. Also pinned my place mats so they are ready to quilt too.
NOW  by the time I got to there I didn't feel like finishing. So now it's today. Mostly read the rest of the day.
Sunset night before last. During the monsoon season we are having pretty sunsets and sunrises. 
 Looking at the reflection of the sunset in our front window. 
 Bill got a  hold of my camera again. Me working on the window. Only did a couple of pieces as it was still over 100 at night.
 Sunrise yesterday morning. 
This morning we met up with a friend from the Women's RV forum who is in town for a few days. Then home to work on my projects. 
Also been helping Bill get all his tablets set up for his drones. What a project. Every single one has to be set up different! 
All of a sudden the TV let out a loud BEEP - a weather warning for the valley. 
A couple of minutes later the weather hit. In force. It was pouring on us and there was a full rainbow out over the desert. The winds so strong it blew the cover off my car. didn't last very long but boy it was ferocious while happening. Turn up your sound. 

I have almost finished my table place mats and just need to put the binding on the table runner. 

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