Wednesday, August 23, 2017

First day in Cottonwood.

Woke up early enough this morning to see a balloon ascending. Didn't know they did that here. At least it cools off nice here at night. 
Put my Day of the Dead place mats and pillow out. 
The park we are staying in is very pretty. Right next to the Verde River - just behind the trees and down a hill. 
So far everything on the RV seems to be working fine - finally. Lots of grass in front of us. 
I took a short hike up one of the trails. Only went a short way because I had on sandals. Too hard walking on the rocks in sandals. Some of the tiny flowers growing along the trail. 

Looking down at the campground from a ways up the trail. 
A picture Bill took with his drone - that's the trail I went up. I stopped at the bend. 
 Bill flying the drone. 
We had a pretty quiet day. Did go out for breakfast at our favorite Cottonwood restaurant - Georgie's Very good food, good prices and nice people. Then home where we both took naps! Ugh now I'll be up all night. Had some thunder and lightening late afternoon. But no rain where we were. After one clap of thunder we lost power just long enough to have to reset all the clocks. 
Also went out to dinner at a new Black Bear Diner in Cottonwood. Always good food.
Since I had my laptop worked on a month or so ago I've had problems getting into some programs. Ones that I'd always been signed into. My problem is not remembering what my passwords were. Grrr...I think I have taken care of all of them now. 


Tom said...

A nice day trip from your location is Walnut Canyon National Monument if you have not been there before. Take I-17 north to I-40 east and exit at 204. I think it is 5-6,000 feet in elevation, so hopefully it will not be bad for Bill.

Carol and Bill said...

good to hear from you! we were there years ago, enjoyed it.

SandyM said...

What is the wooden box creation on your table? I am sure it must be something Bill made - maybe to hide wires. Place mats are neat as is the pillow.

Carol and Bill said...

Yes Bill made it for me. It holds pencils, pens, post it, calculator, thumb drive, glasses etc. Kind of like a drawer for stuff. Really comes in handy.