Friday, August 4, 2017

Bill playing with his drone again

It is only 8:00 a.m. and I've actually taken a mile walk - left before sunrise - beautiful sunrise. As I left house. Didn't think it would be too pretty.
 A couple of blocks into walk - more color showing up.
 Starting to get really pretty.
 Now that is nice. 
 Back to the house, sun is just about ready to show itself. 
It is quite overcast today and rains with thunder and lightening expected again this afternoon. And not supposed to get up to 100.
And got back home just as sun was coming up. Too hot already to walk any further. I was going to wear my FitBit but it wouldn't turn on. I'll fool with it later to see if it is still okay.
Then came home and worked on my window. I've got the bottom 1/3rd [from the red flower down] all ready to solder. But still have a lot to do. 

Bill took this a couple of nights ago. Didn't realize he had it turned on me. I'm working with the window. I mark a piece of glass then take it to the grinder which is in front of the jeep. It takes several trips to just get one piece fitting right. 

I also finished my Day of the Dead place mats. Between the cuts on my fingers from the glass and the holes from  the needle my hands are sore. Probably won't do much for a day or two. Then again maybe I will.
Had a friend from the Women's RV forum for dinner last night. Fun talking to her.
Guess my Fit Bit isn't working any more...but that's okay today as I don't feel like walking. And it is nice out. Overcast and cool for here. 


Barb said...

Thanks again for dinner! It was very good! Had a really nice time chatting with you two!. It was great to see all your projects in person, so much prettier even than in the photos, especially the sunflower stained glass window!

Jackie McGuinness said...

Use your phone to track your steps. You get the sunrises we get the sunsets.