Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Still out walking

Wow just realized I didn't post yesterday. We were out and about early to go to Golden Zone to watch the cruise boat people wandering around. After breakfast we too wandered around. Yesterday was one of the hotter days since we've been here and the humidity was up there. Not a good combination for me. Had to say goody by to Mark, Sheldon and Debbie and head home to cool off. Felt fine after laying down for a while. But stayed in rest of day until we went out to dinner later. Getting tired of restaurant food. But not cooking on this little stove that needs to be lit by match...

But first the weather here. Except for a few days with rather high humidity it has been perfect! There was some high wind the other night that caused some windows to rattle and canopies to blow around. 

This is a continuance of our walk the other day. The tree in the wall. There is construction on the small home right next to it. Only a door and a window wide, but two stories. 
The tree in the door. I wonder if the door leads any where, or if it even ever opened. 
Look how wide the walls of that building are. Over two feet wide, must keep it really cool. 
This is a really pretty building, built in the late 1800's Wish they still built buildings like that. 
Old window with glass and iron work looking into a parking lot. All that is left of the building are the outside walls. 
Some graffiti on a boarded up window in another old building. This is really intricate. Would like to see it being painted. 
Another one on the same building. A couple of years ago there was a restaurant in this building. A really nicely restored area of the building. Wonder what happened to it. 
Finishing our walk back at the Plazuela Machado. Like the round corner on this building. It is a pizza restaurant, like the colorful tables. 
We had lunch at Gaia again. Watching the people at the Italian restaurant putting the tables out for the night time festivities. Lots of tables to put out. They do that four nights a week and of course have to take them in at night because that is a street that is used daily. 
The old, 83 years in same spot, The grandfather visiting his grandson. 
Driving along the Malecon heading back to hotel. Those are both kites of a sort. 
Sunday we went to La Noria where they were having the Fiesta of the Tamale. Was not a good idea. There were thousands of people there. Will post some pictures another day. Downloaded the DiDi app. it is like Uber I've been told. Might try to use it today to go to the Observatory this afternoon. Friends say it is reliable and much cheaper than taxis or pulmonias. Bill is doing really well, it is me who is having problems with the humidity and wants to go home. 
Will work for a while on next post and try to keep up.

Monday, January 29, 2024

A walk around two blocks in Centro

Last Saturday we had to go to Centro to pick up Bill's second pair of glasses. So we spent a little time walking around a couple of blocks we usually don't go to. There is just so much to see, wonder about and admire here. I take many more pictures than I put on the blog. So - this isn't Centro it is part of the Golden Zone; I took it from the pulmonia. Lots of stuff for sale. 

Just got off the pulmonia across the street. Looks like this side of the Cathedral is all painted. A new decoration in front of the government building. It lights up at night and says MAZATLAN - I miss a couple of the letters. 
The optometrist, Eduardo and Bill.  He had decided to get a second pair of glasses, new lenses in an old frame. No idea what they were discussing. But I'm sure it wasn't driving. 
This is a different buggy than the last one I took a picture of. There are two of them on the ground floor of the parking garage. Sure is pretty.
I was on a mission to check out utility boxes to see what might be painted on them. So we went a different than we usually take. I think this is a really good idea. A Jaiba - a crab. The RV park we've stayed at for years is named Las Jaibas - the crabs. No idea why. 
Looks like a lobster to me. The paintings are really detailed. 

Noticed this on a building across the street. I wonder if it will be painted eventually or remain just a sketch. 
On the side of the building too. So many things to see, so easy to miss them. 
Just colorful buildings. They look newly painted. 

A closer look at the pink building. Neat architecture. Every building is different.
Several years ago we watched the restoration of this block long building. It looks like it is still unused. Check out the doors and the arches. I like the shadows too and the chandelier. 
This window is amazing. All etched glass. 
A building across the street. The top is not only a different color from the bottom, it has different shaped windows and architectural decorations. Was it built at the same time or was the top added later. Or is it just a fa├žade on top. 
This is another of the beautiful buildings on this block. Needs a little TLC. Love the iron work and the arch above the window. 
The old German Hardware store another great building not being utilized. Got to be close to an original door. The arch and glass and iron work. 
Another door same building. 
A big window that has been blocked off. Buildings were so pretty then. 
Hum...this is new. Not sure if I like it or not. Is it good or unwanted graffiti. I tend to think graffiti. This is the big corner door of the building. 
Have more pictures and another block, but going to stop here. Mostly because I don't feel like doing any more right now. Just got back to hotel after long walk along ocean with Bill. Even more pictures. 

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Magical Centro in the evening.

 Friday morning Sheldon and Debbie picked us up and we went to La Martina for breakfast. It is as beautiful as always out there. And again the weather was perfect. Beautiful place, good friends, good food and wonderful weather. Who could ask for more. 

Didn't take many pictures as I've taken so many over the years. I did like this pretty cabinet though. 
The African Tulip tree was in full bloom, such pretty flowers. 
After a short rest at home we decided to head for Centro again. Saw this worker heading home after a long day. 
A Carnival decoration in mid town. They eyes blink. 
Plazuela Machado on a Friday night. Lots of people and families walking around. Vendors and music every where. 
Not much commentary this time, just enjoy the sights. Most of these buildings were built in the mid 1800's. There is a restaurant upstairs and two down stairs who put tables in the street weekend evenings. 
Some of the pulmonias are really eye catching. This one is yellow and green with lights all over it. I[ve seen one with a superman theme and another with a mickey mouse theme. But didn't manage to get a picture of them. Will keep trying. 
A better picture of the mural I took the other day. This time I went boldly in - as if I belonged. A right away a gentleman sitting just inside the door spoke to me. He asked me if I knew who the lady in the mural was. Of course I didn't. So he gave me a lesson about it. It is Angela Peralta - a famous singer in the late 1800's. The theater at the Plaza is named for her. She was called The Mexican Nightingale. Thus the two birds in the mural. I'm glad I went back to retake the picture. She died in Mazatlan in 1883 at 38 from yellow fever. She was to appear in the city. For more information about her click here
Back on the streets again. So pretty with the lights strung over the street and the light in the sidewalk illuminating the buildings.
Just caught my eye. A child sized bench with lights and a little snail on it. It is bright red. 
More lights. A car coming up the street. 
Lights in a tree too. 
Outside tables at another restaurant. There were two men playing music there too.  
Another street - more lights. 
Gaia restaurant all lit up. The blue on the right is the Carnival statue.
Around another corner and more lights. A couple of small shops on the left side. 
Even old walls are beautiful with the right lighting.
Our favorite building all lit up. So pretty. It was open so we went in. More amazing sights left for another blog. 

Look at the details that are glowing. 

Just another part of the exterior of the building, need to look up to see it. 
I think this was the superman pulmonia, just couldn't get a side shot of it. 
Another style of old architecture. 
Our walk around the area around the Plazuela Machado at night. Such a neat area and we didn't go by a lot of it. For another day or evening. Hope every one saw the magic I saw.