Sunday, July 31, 2016

We have the mountains back

WOW when I got up this morning the temperature outside was actually in the mid 80's AND we've got our mountains back. AC didn't kick on until 9:30 instead of running all night. Relief is in sight. Still going to be over 100 but 103 is doable - 115 is miserable no matter how "dry" it is. You can't even touch a car or store door handle when it is that hot. 
Waiting for the track in PA o get dry so they can race. But they will probably just get on the track and the big black clouds around them will open up again.
Race rained out until tomorrow morning.
Didn't do much today - read and worked on computer some.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bad things happen all over

Nashville, IN the little town, pop 900, that we moved from had some major vandalism a couple of nights ago. Over 43 cars near the center of town had two or more tires slashed on them sometime after midnight and before dawn. Luckily the 18 year old boy who did it was caught. How would think that something like that would happen there?
Today here in Vegas we have very ugly weather. There was a big wind storm during the night that filled the air with dust. So it is kind of a brownish gray outside. IF the winds stay down the dust will eventually settle. 
Picture from a year ago today. Same tree different angle.
Picture from today.  This was earlier this morning, it is worse now. 
Also the higher outskirts of town got some tiny bit of rain; and lots of lightening out around the mountains.And for the first night in many the temperatures actually dropped  below 90. Today's high is predicted to be 109 - if it only gets to 109 we won't break a long standing record of 10 straight days of 110 or higher. 
Got up early this morning to watch sunrise - too much crap in air to see anything and to watch the truck qualifying from PA. It was cancelled due to rain. It is going to be a long day. But there is the soccer game from Spain at 10:00. They play in rain.
So to waste time I'm changing my table decorations and window stained glass from red, white and blue July colors to something more summery.

While the race was on I was working on another skillet handle pot holder to put in the RV. Bill got a hold of my camera. Just had my hair cut SHORT.
Also watching the soccer game. Messi sure looks different with his bleached white hair. But easier to find on the field. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Sewing problems

Not a whole lot to write about today. The heat is still with us. Last night tied the record for the highest low ever. Never got below 93 degrees. But today there was a lot of cloud cover so it didn't look so hot out. Last night there was a lot of lightening around in the mountains.
Still going on about the weather - I was watching the national weather channel and they were talking about some states in the east where the temperatures were going up to 100 - 103. How people needed to be careful of the heat etc. etc. Then I turned on a local channel and the weather person was talking about our weather really cooling down - to 101 - 103 in the next few days. For us that's a cool down!
And it will only be in the mid 80's at night. Maybe the AC will get to shut of for a while. We might get rain Sunday...that would be nice.
While watching NASCAR I finished making my Christmas pot holders. Made six of them. Also made a skillet handle pot holder for Bill. His new NEVER stick frying pan has a metal handle. What genius thought up that?
My sewing machine is a Hasqvarna embroidery machine. Also does regular sewing but it needs a digital card to do anything, including straight stitching. Something happened to my card - age probably and lots of use. The machine no longer reads the chip on the card. Lovely. I sent an email to Hasqvarna asking how to order a new card and got a reply. This is their reply, "In our efforts to "Keep the World Sewing we have developed new machines that keep up with the fast growing pace of technology to bring you the most user friendly, technologically advanced sewing and embroidery machines on the market." [so how does that help me?] email continued, "Due to the age of this machine we no longer have anymore available parts. We regret that our resources have been depleted, but it is nearly impossible to maintain inventory on all parts for all the machines that have been produced over the years. You can check with your dealer to see if they have any left over."
Well that wasn't a whole lot of help. So I went on line - nothing on Amazon or any sewing machine site. Finally found one, used, on eBay - for a small fortune - I hate to buy anything from eBay but didn't have much choice. Sure hope it works.
Also got a text from BestBuy saying the delivery of my new camera would be delayed but I would get it by 8/25/16. Oh well, no great need. Then about 10 minutes later I got another text saying my order had been shipped. So...will I get it next week? or not until 8/25? We shall wait and see.
Our only excursion today was a trip to a restaurant for dinner. We haven't seen our favorite waitress since before we took our trips so wanted to go say "Hi." and get out of cooking. Good food and pleasant company.
Tomorrow I need to be up by 6:00 to watch NASCAR truck qualifying. And the truck race will be on the same time as the Barcelona soccer game. So I'll watch both. I can see most of the soccer game during the race commercials. How sad. But anything is better than the Hillary and Donald show.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

When cold water runs hot.

Looked out the window last night and thought there might be a nice sunset so picked up the camera, put on my shoes and took a short walk. As I got out on the street it was like I was walking into a huge blow dryer. Hot, hot wind. It wasn't miserable, in fact I kind of enjoyed it. Took this picture from the front of the house. Then walked up a couple of blocks to the main street.

 The clubhouse area takes up a whole square block. Lots of very green grass and trees. I'd forgotten how pretty it is there. Also a pool which several people were enjoying. 
 Lots of arches and trimmed trees. 
 As I got to the sidewalk in front of the park I zoomed in on the sunset. Never realized we could see the Stratosphere from here. I was surprised to see it in the picture. 
 Without such a zoom. Still a lot of smoke in the sky from California. Other than cropping the pictures I haven't done anything to them. 
 I like this one too bad the house roof is in the way. 
By the time I got home the colors were almost gone. It never got cooler than 91 last night and both yesterday and today the temperature reached 115 degrees. With the AC and the ceiling fans running it is okay in here. And the car's AC works good too. Again did our errands early. Glad the stores open early here. 
And miracle of miracles we actually managed to pick up Bill's prescription and for the correct price of $30.
No sewing today, Have to wait for the mood to sew hits me again. But what I wanted to finish is finished. Spent some time on the computer checking into updating the maps on our Garmin, but have to find the USB connection for between the Garmin and the computer. Hope it is in the RV. And used part of my settlement check from Barnes and Nobel to pre-order three books coming out from some of my favorite authors. J. A Jance, John Sanford and Lee Child. Won't get them until end of August but didn't want to piddle the money away. 
Both Bill and I have remarked on the fact that the water coming out of the cold faucet is almost hot enough to burn our hands. He says he uses the hot water to cool the cold down...Guess the pipes under the house aren't very insulated. 
Tomorrow there will be racing on TV and Saturday Barcelona will play a soccer game. 
And it is supposed to be a few degrees cooler. Believe it when I feel it. 
In the mean time I'm enjoying my Jelly Beans. And the cubed watermelon.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sunset, Sunrise and a few things in between.

For the last several days we haven't seen a sunset or sunrise. We haven't even been able to see the mountains surrounding Las Vegas. No pretty blue skies all due to the smoke from the fire in California near Los Angeles. By last night the wind had shifted directions enough to blow the smoke away - almost.  Not a spectacular sunset, but a nice one - what I could see of it. I like the way the tops of the clouds are brighter. 
 Didn't notice the plane when I took the picture. 

Got up this morning around 5:00 - turned on TV and wished I hadn't. Sunday on we'll have to get out our sweaters. I like the reflection of the low on Wednesday - 65 would feel real nice. 
And because I was up so early I got to see the sunrise, such as it was. Sky just starting to light up over the Wetlands. 
 Bill had already thrown out bread for the birds. Don't know what time he got up but I see a nap in his day. Only one bird there.
 A little more light.
 Now it is getting pretty. When I use the zoom can really see the debris on the camera lens. Will get it cleaned again in Mazatlan. But also want a new camera. 
 They are waiting for me to go away. 
 Just before the sun came up. 
I actually took a short walk this morning before sun got up. Very short only around block. Need to get up early every day and walk longer. 
The day just got better, our son just called and told me his cleaning girls will be here about 11:00 - OH YAH!!!
My pot holders I've been working on. One on left is done, two in middle need binding and end one needs everything but design. Gives me something to do while inside. 
After Bill used the handy dandy cutter to cube the watermelon he put the empty shells outside and filled them with water. The pigeons are going crazy drinking it. Poor things it is so hot out. 
Stayed home all day today. First for a FedEx delivery that had to be signed for. Why? Just another set of sheets for the RV. Then waiting for the cleaning ladies to come. By the time they left it was too hot to do anything. I did work in the sewing room finishing my pot holders. But now it is too hot in there - it is on the west side of the house! Tonight's low will be over 90. Enough already. 
Went on line and ordered anew camera from Best Buy. Sounds like what I want. Checked it out on Amazon and it was more expensive there. Should have it by middle of next week. 
Going to go sit under a fan and read till bedtime. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Busy mornings and lazy afternoons and evenings.

Spent the weekend inside watching racing on TV. Kyle won both poles and both races at Indianapolis! No one has ever done that before.
The last two morning we've been really busy. Had to be at the doctor yesterday morning, clear across town, at 8:40. So we left here early anticipating traffic. No traffic; we got to docs office at 8:20 - appointment at 8:40. No prob it was cool in there. Got in to see doctor at 10:10!!!!! for all of five minutes. So I made my next, and hopefully last, appointment with him the end of September for the very first appt in the morning 8:00. How can they get so far behind so early in the day? Good news, no more antibiotics. 
From there we went to JoAnn's and I got insulating material so I can make pot holders. And then to Sam's Club to get the lotion I use on my face to keep me so young looking...And Jelly Beans. The Jelly Beans were the important things. Also picked up a few more thing - It is no longer the "Hundred Dollar store" it is now the 150 dollar store. How do we manage to find so many things we didn't know we needed?
From there went to visit our son and daughter-in-law at their shop for a few minutes. All of those errands were on the far west side of town.  
Then came home and I made the dreaded call to the prescription insurance company. It turned out to be no problem at all. They knew right away what had happened and called the pharmacy. All taken care of. Just go in and pick it up. Also confirmed that we'll be able to get six months supplies of everything for when we travel over the winter. Very efficient and helpful. 
This morning we took off early again. Already 100 at 8:00 a.m. First we went to RV dealer and got date to take the RV in. Monday Aug 1. Good. Then to breakfast. while at breakfast got a call from RV dealer, awning won't be there until middle of week so changed date to Aug 3rd. No problem. From there we went to UPS to return the camera we'd ordered - they had sent the wrong camera. A much less sophisticated one. I don't' think so. From there to Verizon to see why Bill's phone cost so much more per month than mine. Long story short it now costs same as mine. While there also got international plan so phones will not roam in Mexico. Just $5 a month more. But with the change with Bill's phone we'll be paying less. Whew tired already.
Then to grocery store for some favorites we can't find at WalMart. 
Then stop at pharmacy. Talked to person insurance company talked to yesterday. "Oh but you already picked that up." "NO I DIDN'T.
I came in to pick it up but you wanted to charge me $570 so I didn't get it. The insurance company called and talked to you yesterday." "Oh, I don't remember I talk to so many people. Here's a copy of the receipt with your signature that you picked it up."
Looking at receipt. Calmly, "This receipt is from 5/30/16 which is the last time we picked the stuff up." "Oh." She went to talk to someone else about it. Came back, "I'll have to call the insurance company, so sit down and wait." By then there were about 9 impatient people waiting to be helped. "I'm going home, call me when everything is straightened out and I can pick the stuff up." "Okay."
Got home, called the insurance adjuster gave them the date and where the RV would be taken. Got a call from the pharmacy. It is ready to be picked up. "I'll pick it up tomorrow morning.", I said. "Good, she said, "I'll be here in the morning." I sure hope so.
Now I'm going to go eat some watermelon, that Bill cut into cubes with our handy dandy watermelon cutter, and simmer down. 
Maybe later I'll work on my pot holders, maybe I'll just read. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

So many hobbies so little time.

Another blistering day in the desert. This picture was taken at 6:45 p.m. and the thermometer has been in the shade for hours. No relief in sight. EXCEPT that the humidity is supposed to go up mid week. Wonderful. Might get some rain 20% chance...
While we were gone my poor geraniums out back got lots of sun, hand heat and no water. When we got home one of them had a few green leaves left and I thought I might be able to save it. Nope. Today I faced the truth and replaced them with artificial flowers. Was going to buy more real ones but then I got practical - they too would die a horrid death if we took another vacation. I still need to get a couple more bunches to fill the pots in. But at least there is some color out there. [Bill's pigeons out there eating. They are starting to come back.]
I have spent the better parts of yesterday and today watching NASCAR on TV. Kyle got two poles and two wins this weekend at the Indianapolis Speedway. Never been done before by any one. So while watching TV I finished my quilt and also made a pillow with the remaining material. The finished quilt. The backing is so colorful and exactly the right colors. 
Also finished both of my Christmas aprons. One done. They both have different patches of Christmas material on the fronts and both are backed with plain red material. Going to use the rest of the cut pieces left to make potholders. But have to go to JoAnn's for insulating backing material. 
Then I don't know what my next project will be. Want to finish a couple of stained glass things but it is just tooooo hot in the garage. 
Maybe some beading, haven't done any for a while and I enjoy it. These were all quick and fun to do. 

I have them on a web site 
Ugh tomorrow morning early have a docs appointment then have to come home and deal with the prescription insurance. Didn't realize when I was young how much fun I was missing.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Welcome to Las Vegas...
I had kind of decided to quit blogging. But since I haven't written I find myself thinking during the day - "Oh, I'll write about that in the blog." Guess I've turned the blog into part of my life, or my life into a blog. 
And I discovered I kind of missed writing. 
We haven't done much lately, just been way to warm - understatement. Only cools to about 87 at night and the minute the sun comes over the mountain behind us it is back up over 100. So not getting any walking done either. 
We are still waiting for an appointment to take the RV in to get the new awning put on. And a few other things done to it. 
Have you seen that watermelon cutter on TV. If you like watermelon get one; it really works great. See how exciting our lives are? I'm talking about As Seen on TV things. 
I've finished my Christmas aprons and the quilt for the new great-grandbaby. It is cool in the sewing room till mid afternoon. And I watch NASCAR while working on projects so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time watching it. Kyle got two poles today and won one race. Busy day for him. The Indy race is tomorrow. 
Haven't even been taking any pictures, waiting for delivery of a new camera. 
Just found out our new prescription insurance doesn't cover one of Bill's meds. Can't figure out why as they covered it a month ago...without the insurance it is over $500 a month. Have to call them Monday. Used to be 30 dollars for 90 days...quite a price change. 
Have a doctors appointment Monday morning. Hope the antibiotics worked and I'm done with that nonsense. 
No more to talk about today. Time to find a cool spot and read. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It has been one heck of a year.

I came across this blog post this morning and got to thinking about all we've done in just one year. Seems like it was a lot longer than a year since we were heading to Vegas. I wrote the post one day after we'd left Brown County - we'd stopped in Joplin, Missouri for the night. 
Just a short recap. 
     Left Indiana July 16
     Signed papers on new home in Vegas July 31
     Moved into the house August 20
     Had surgery October 8
     Left for Mexico in Alfa December 2
     Got back into USA March 5
     Had all kinds of medical tests to find out nothing is wrong with me April/May. Also got new doctor.
Since then we've bought a new RV, got rid of the Alfa (I miss it). Taken two trips in the new RV - we should be back home by this weekend. Got a new great granddaughter and have another one on the way.
No wonder my blood pressure was sky high! 
We visited Virginia City today and I took 258 pictures so it will take me a while to go through them.
I don't imagine we'll see too much interesting scenery tomorrow - going east on the 50 to the 95 then south towards. So then I'll post some of the scenes from VC. 
Here are three I thought were funny - Adult content only.
A couple of t-shirts for sale in one shop

And some bags of kettle corn for sale. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Carson City, Nevada

A few more pictures from Standish, CA - this map is in the campground.
And here are a few more pictures of the old building Standish Hall. 
 A look in through the windows. Used to be a market/general store. 
 The back door.
 Looks like an outhouse to me. 

Yep I was right.

We did a whole 110 miles today. From Standish, CA to Carson City, NV. 
The road was good most of the way. Two lane with some passing lanes. And always some construction some where. There is a new part of the 395 going around Reno that our GPS didn't know about, so it was freaking out so much I had to turn it off.
Where the heck is this guy going and where did he come from. There is nothing around for miles. 
We are staying at the Gold Dust Casino RV Park. $29.70 a night. BUT they put a $50 deposit on your credit card in case you do any damage to their park! - Supposed to return it right after checking the site the day you leave. Right off the 395. Pull through - though a short one. Jeep is parked next to us. One MIGHT get a 40' in here but it would be close (just saw a 45 footer come in and park. No room to spare but he is parked.) The parks WiFi is good - so far anyway. But each site has its own tree. They are young trees and not really full so we can get intermittent satellite TV. It works great when there is no breeze but we lose it when there is and the leaves move. Staying here a couple of days. 
Maybe tomorrow we'll go to Virginia City or over by the lake.
The gasoline here in NV is 40 cents a gallon cheaper (2.39) than Oregon (2.79) and 60 cheaper than CA. We have changed our plans somewhat. Instead of taking the 395 south through California we're going to head home across the 50 east and south on the 95 to Vegas. An uglier drive, but quicker. - not much to stop and see. We both want to get home so we can get the insurance work done. We'll still be breaking the drive up into about 150 mile sections so it will take us a few days to get home. Not looking forward to the heat. And a couple of nights ago it was only 40 degrees. Tomorrow will probably be our last under 100 day.
Ate dinner in the Casino tonight. YUM liver and onions. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Standish, California

We left Lakeview this morning at 9:30. Drove south on the 395 into California The road was good and the morning weather cool. Very little wind.
At one time we could see Mount Shasta WAY off in the distance. Lots of snow still up there. 
A few parts of the highway had lots of trees. Most was farming or just brush. 
I like the colorful roof on this building. Around this same area we met a big black cow walking on the shoulder of the highway. Too surprised to take a picture. Shades of Mexico. 
Thought it was interesting how this rock was shaved off for the highway.
The only town of size we went through was Alturas, CA  It had a couple of murals that I tried to get shots of. They were across the street for each other. 

 The first stones for what was originally named the Curtis Hotel were laid near the dusty main street of Alturas in 1908. In 1912 Jay Eugene Niles purchased the building, completed the 2nd and 3rd floor rooms, and renamed it the Niles Hotel. 
For many generations the Niles Hotel was the social center of Alturas - - the meeting place of cattlemen, railroad workers, farmers, loggers, salesmen, tourists and local businessmen. When the Niles Hotel was first built, each of the sixty guest rooms was furnished with a wood burning stove. During winter months the hotel guests would keep warm in their rooms by purchasing an armload of wood at the lobby desk for two bits.
I wonder if that was an old sign or if there really is a Sears store there. 
We are spending the night at the Days End RV park in Standish, CA. You can see it in the upper left of the photo. This is the whole of Standish. 
You can read about Standish, CA here  It is kind of interesting. It is one of those towns that makes you wonder WHY? Why is it even here. 
The owners of the RV Park are life long residents of the town. It is a very nice clean park. Big pull throughs, good WiFi, they have cable TV available, laundry and some shady sites. Our satellite TV came right in. With Good Sam discount it is $29.70 a night. There is a gas station, mini market across the street. 
Standish Hall was constructed in 1907 with ground floor commercial space and second floor lodge hall. Historic photos show the wood building with a tall roof parapet and second floor balcony. The parapet was modified in the 1950s to its current appearance. The second floor door to the balcony was closed off in the 1930s and the balcony, which also served as a canopy over the ground floor entrance, was removed for safety reasons in 2002. The property was listed at the local level under Criterion A in the areas of commerce, recreation, and social history during the years 1907-1954. The second floor meeting hall was used by several organizations, including Odd Fellows and Native American Daughters of the Golden West, and for local social gatherings. The ground floor space was used as a grocery/mercantile store supplying dry goods, meat, and hardware items to the small community of Standish. - this is what is left of it. 
Just some pretty flowers in the campground. 
Tomorrow on to Carson City, NV for a few nights. Shouldn't have complained about the cold - it is hot today. And going to be hotter as we go south.