Sunday, July 10, 2016

Perpetual Geyser going off - views from Lakeview, OR

Old Perpetual Oregon’s only continuously spouting geyser shoots a plume of 200 degree water over 40 - 60 feet into the air every 90 seconds or so. Since 1923 when developers were drilling wells in the near by area of natural hot pools. As the water table drops over the summer it goes off less often and doesn't go as high. For a while in 2014 it quit altogether for a year or so. But is going off again. 
Gitano parked in the Base Camp RV Park. 
 The sun going down and lighting up the trees and hills. 
 Too many clouds for a really nice sunset.

While I was out I walked over to see the geyser again. Without the wind blowing all the water sideways it went pretty high. 
Decided I'd turn on the movie button and just stand with it running to catch the next blow. Didn't have to wait too long. You can maybe hear the geese honking in the background.
It got pretty cold last night and heavy rain even some thunder. Because the weather is over 50% chance of rain today we decided to stay put. Have the heater on as it is still cool. Had a frost alert on phone this morning. 
Sun is out so we went into town for breakfast. I know we always go out for breakfast - Lazy. A mural of sorts on building across street from Jerry's Restaurant. 
 Couldn't not post a picture of Jerry's. A coffee shop that has a full bar too. 

Some of the older buildings in town. The two story one was built before the fire of 1900. It survived. The one story one was built after the 1900 fire. 
 This is the Post and King Building. Also built after the fire. 
 The building on the end with the awnings is the Wilcox Building, built in 1901.
A mural on the side of one of the buildings
 Another mural. Bill is really patient with me - driving me all over hunting for interesting things. 
 Right on the main street - I like this one best. 
 Dragon on Chinese Restaurant. 
 Ahlstrom Building. Built after 1900 fire. Elegant looking building.
 A real barber shop, barber pole and all. 
 I talked Bill into driving over where the geyser is. Just across the field and street from the campground. This area used to be a resort where people came to bathe in the hot springs. Now the geese have taken it over.  Must be the one I saw flying and heard honking last night. 
 And there it goes. Not very high today and the wind is blowing again. At least Bill got to see it for his effort. 
This is my territory - you'll wait for me to move!
 The field behind the RV park. The big black clouds and the wind are why we're staying here another day.
 Just checked into the RV park. It's from California. 
 Couldn't lose it in a parking lot. 
Tomorrow is suppose to be warmer and sunnier. So we'll be on the road. Going to gas up here in Lakeview so hopefully we can make it into Nevada before we need more gas. 


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