Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sunset, Sunrise and a few things in between.

For the last several days we haven't seen a sunset or sunrise. We haven't even been able to see the mountains surrounding Las Vegas. No pretty blue skies all due to the smoke from the fire in California near Los Angeles. By last night the wind had shifted directions enough to blow the smoke away - almost.  Not a spectacular sunset, but a nice one - what I could see of it. I like the way the tops of the clouds are brighter. 
 Didn't notice the plane when I took the picture. 

Got up this morning around 5:00 - turned on TV and wished I hadn't. Sunday on we'll have to get out our sweaters. I like the reflection of the low on Wednesday - 65 would feel real nice. 
And because I was up so early I got to see the sunrise, such as it was. Sky just starting to light up over the Wetlands. 
 Bill had already thrown out bread for the birds. Don't know what time he got up but I see a nap in his day. Only one bird there.
 A little more light.
 Now it is getting pretty. When I use the zoom can really see the debris on the camera lens. Will get it cleaned again in Mazatlan. But also want a new camera. 
 They are waiting for me to go away. 
 Just before the sun came up. 
I actually took a short walk this morning before sun got up. Very short only around block. Need to get up early every day and walk longer. 
The day just got better, our son just called and told me his cleaning girls will be here about 11:00 - OH YAH!!!
My pot holders I've been working on. One on left is done, two in middle need binding and end one needs everything but design. Gives me something to do while inside. 
After Bill used the handy dandy cutter to cube the watermelon he put the empty shells outside and filled them with water. The pigeons are going crazy drinking it. Poor things it is so hot out. 
Stayed home all day today. First for a FedEx delivery that had to be signed for. Why? Just another set of sheets for the RV. Then waiting for the cleaning ladies to come. By the time they left it was too hot to do anything. I did work in the sewing room finishing my pot holders. But now it is too hot in there - it is on the west side of the house! Tonight's low will be over 90. Enough already. 
Went on line and ordered anew camera from Best Buy. Sounds like what I want. Checked it out on Amazon and it was more expensive there. Should have it by middle of next week. 
Going to go sit under a fan and read till bedtime. 

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