Friday, July 8, 2016

Cloudy day - weird lake

We are now in Lakeview, OR not too far from the California border. We're traveling the 395 south. Left Burns at 9:15 and arrived here at 12:15. 137 miles. We got some gas in Burns - good thing we did it was a longer way here than I'd figured. Oregon regular is 2.799! Highest we've paid in a long time. And forgot that in Oregon they have attendants to pump the gas AND wash your windows. 
We are staying here at the Base Camp RV Park right on the 395 just before town of Lakeview. Only $25 a night, level long pull-throughs, good WiFi and we are in a space with no trees so satellite works good. 30amps electric, sewer and water. Maybe tomorrow I'll do laundry here.
The drive here was pretty uneventful. Two lane highway all the way with some passing lanes and some new and some not so new pavement. 
It was cloudy all day with intermittent sprinkles. This was basically the view the first 3/4 of the trip. We got excited when there was a curve to break the view. 
 From some old pavement to new asphalt. It just keeps going.
 Be still my fluttering heart! Something to see - sand dunes - almost missed getting a picture of them.
 And then we came to Lake Abert. Very interesting place. It is pretty big, or used to be. It s disappearing more and more. It is Oregon's third largest lake and it is salt water. It was always a stop for migrating birds. They feed on the brine shrimp. You can see rain drops in the picture. That is not water, salt and dried mud. 
I wish the sun had been out. I looked the lake up online and there were some beautiful pictures taken on a sunny day.
Here is a neat webpage about it. Called Encyclopedia of Forlorn Places
 The black clumps in these pictures are little birds. They looked like a black wave flying over the water
Also dead bugs on windshield
Very alkaline water - lake is only 11 feet deep at its deepest. 
Right after passing the lake the scenery changed. Lots of trees
 After parking and settling in Bill unhooked and we went in town. Their water tower. 
 Do you supposed this is the daughter of Burger King and Dairy Queen? Her name is Burger Queen. 
 An old movie theater.
 Did Vegas Vic move to Oregon?
If you are ever in Lakeview, OR and are hungry stop at Jerry's Restaurant. Big menu, lots of choices and good food. Bill said it was the best Rueben Sandwich he ever ate. 
Back to Gitano to watch the race. Pretty cool out with lots of gray clouds and wind. 

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