Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It has been one heck of a year.

I came across this blog post this morning and got to thinking about all we've done in just one year. Seems like it was a lot longer than a year since we were heading to Vegas. I wrote the post one day after we'd left Brown County - we'd stopped in Joplin, Missouri for the night. 
Just a short recap. 
     Left Indiana July 16
     Signed papers on new home in Vegas July 31
     Moved into the house August 20
     Had surgery October 8
     Left for Mexico in Alfa December 2
     Got back into USA March 5
     Had all kinds of medical tests to find out nothing is wrong with me April/May. Also got new doctor.
Since then we've bought a new RV, got rid of the Alfa (I miss it). Taken two trips in the new RV - we should be back home by this weekend. Got a new great granddaughter and have another one on the way.
No wonder my blood pressure was sky high! 
We visited Virginia City today and I took 258 pictures so it will take me a while to go through them.
I don't imagine we'll see too much interesting scenery tomorrow - going east on the 50 to the 95 then south towards. So then I'll post some of the scenes from VC. 
Here are three I thought were funny - Adult content only.
A couple of t-shirts for sale in one shop

And some bags of kettle corn for sale. 


Sharon said...

Tried to get a job at the Mustang ranch, they said I was to old.... LOL

Carol and Bill said...

There is always the Moonlight Bunny Ranch just outside of Carson City.

Tioga George said...

Wow! Carol and Bill !!!
You two are super-human beings. I am completely amazed at your energy.



Contessa said...

Finally got caught up with all of your travels. I knew you would miss the Alfa. No way could I ever downsize from our 40 footer even after the dogs are no longer with us.

You HAVE done a lot this past year and a bit. Don't forget all the packing up of your house. That was a massive job.

Hope that all is well at home.