Sunday, July 24, 2016

So many hobbies so little time.

Another blistering day in the desert. This picture was taken at 6:45 p.m. and the thermometer has been in the shade for hours. No relief in sight. EXCEPT that the humidity is supposed to go up mid week. Wonderful. Might get some rain 20% chance...
While we were gone my poor geraniums out back got lots of sun, hand heat and no water. When we got home one of them had a few green leaves left and I thought I might be able to save it. Nope. Today I faced the truth and replaced them with artificial flowers. Was going to buy more real ones but then I got practical - they too would die a horrid death if we took another vacation. I still need to get a couple more bunches to fill the pots in. But at least there is some color out there. [Bill's pigeons out there eating. They are starting to come back.]
I have spent the better parts of yesterday and today watching NASCAR on TV. Kyle got two poles and two wins this weekend at the Indianapolis Speedway. Never been done before by any one. So while watching TV I finished my quilt and also made a pillow with the remaining material. The finished quilt. The backing is so colorful and exactly the right colors. 
Also finished both of my Christmas aprons. One done. They both have different patches of Christmas material on the fronts and both are backed with plain red material. Going to use the rest of the cut pieces left to make potholders. But have to go to JoAnn's for insulating backing material. 
Then I don't know what my next project will be. Want to finish a couple of stained glass things but it is just tooooo hot in the garage. 
Maybe some beading, haven't done any for a while and I enjoy it. These were all quick and fun to do. 

I have them on a web site 
Ugh tomorrow morning early have a docs appointment then have to come home and deal with the prescription insurance. Didn't realize when I was young how much fun I was missing.


norm said...

Here in Indiana (your former home state) it has been that 90 degree heat with 80% humidity and a lot of rain this summer. Quite different from the "dry" [LOL] desert heat of LV.

Carol and Bill said...

both places probably "feel" the same. some of the buildings we go into the door handles are almost too hot to hold on to! by next week it will be ONLY 105 - tomorrow 114.

Carol and Bill said...
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