Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 4th festivities

Yesterday, the 4th, was a fun day for us. Except for going out for breakfast we spent the middle of the day home. Come late afternoon we went with our friends to the Meridian Speedway to watch the races. It is a quarter mile asphalt track that opened in 1951. It hosts the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series and the K&N Pro Series West. Lots of people there as after the races there was a fireworks show. 
 The first heat race was Modifies. 
 Here they come around the back corner.
 I liked this car he was easy to see. The stands were packed. The announcers were asking people to squeeze together to allow more spectators to find seats. 


 Also a late model heat. 
 Oops! Good safety crews and wreckers in use during the evening. 
 Winged Sprint cars. Fun to watch. 
 And the legends even more fun to watch. Our friends knew one of the drivers. A 15 year old girl. Was surprised how many girls were driving in the different classes. 
 Another OOPS.
 Not a good picture but the front orange car and driver were good. He was fast but reckless. Finally spun out trying to get the lead. Came from the back twice. 
 The winged sprint cars. Lining up for main event.
 Main event. for the Legends.  
 And there they go. Doesn't take long to go around 1/4 mile.
Bill and I didn't stay for the fireworks. He'd had enough noise. But maybe we should have stayed. When we got back to the RV we were surprised to discover that almost every family in the area were putting on their own fireworks show. Every direction we looked there were fireworks. I know the picture is weird but you can see the car and the RV. These were right next door.
 I never realized how many types of fireworks were available to the general public. All the way from obnoxious LOUD to beautiful colors and starbursts. 

 This is looking out the front gate - two different families had huge set ups in the street and they were having a ball. One on each side of the street.
They were going on when we got home and continued for over an hour. We were just standing outside mesmerized. And the NOISE. Sounded like we were in the middle of a war zone. 
Took this video looking out the gate at the same families in the street. 
Tomorrow morning the insurance adjuster comes. So then we can figure out what we are going to do. 
Today we are just relaxing and watching the chickens, goats and sheep. 

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