Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Carson City, Nevada

A few more pictures from Standish, CA - this map is in the campground.
And here are a few more pictures of the old building Standish Hall. 
 A look in through the windows. Used to be a market/general store. 
 The back door.
 Looks like an outhouse to me. 

Yep I was right.

We did a whole 110 miles today. From Standish, CA to Carson City, NV. 
The road was good most of the way. Two lane with some passing lanes. And always some construction some where. There is a new part of the 395 going around Reno that our GPS didn't know about, so it was freaking out so much I had to turn it off.
Where the heck is this guy going and where did he come from. There is nothing around for miles. 
We are staying at the Gold Dust Casino RV Park. $29.70 a night. BUT they put a $50 deposit on your credit card in case you do any damage to their park! - Supposed to return it right after checking the site the day you leave. Right off the 395. Pull through - though a short one. Jeep is parked next to us. One MIGHT get a 40' in here but it would be close (just saw a 45 footer come in and park. No room to spare but he is parked.) The parks WiFi is good - so far anyway. But each site has its own tree. They are young trees and not really full so we can get intermittent satellite TV. It works great when there is no breeze but we lose it when there is and the leaves move. Staying here a couple of days. 
Maybe tomorrow we'll go to Virginia City or over by the lake.
The gasoline here in NV is 40 cents a gallon cheaper (2.39) than Oregon (2.79) and 60 cheaper than CA. We have changed our plans somewhat. Instead of taking the 395 south through California we're going to head home across the 50 east and south on the 95 to Vegas. An uglier drive, but quicker. - not much to stop and see. We both want to get home so we can get the insurance work done. We'll still be breaking the drive up into about 150 mile sections so it will take us a few days to get home. Not looking forward to the heat. And a couple of nights ago it was only 40 degrees. Tomorrow will probably be our last under 100 day.
Ate dinner in the Casino tonight. YUM liver and onions. 

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