Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Busy mornings and lazy afternoons and evenings.

Spent the weekend inside watching racing on TV. Kyle won both poles and both races at Indianapolis! No one has ever done that before.
The last two morning we've been really busy. Had to be at the doctor yesterday morning, clear across town, at 8:40. So we left here early anticipating traffic. No traffic; we got to docs office at 8:20 - appointment at 8:40. No prob it was cool in there. Got in to see doctor at 10:10!!!!! for all of five minutes. So I made my next, and hopefully last, appointment with him the end of September for the very first appt in the morning 8:00. How can they get so far behind so early in the day? Good news, no more antibiotics. 
From there we went to JoAnn's and I got insulating material so I can make pot holders. And then to Sam's Club to get the lotion I use on my face to keep me so young looking...And Jelly Beans. The Jelly Beans were the important things. Also picked up a few more thing - It is no longer the "Hundred Dollar store" it is now the 150 dollar store. How do we manage to find so many things we didn't know we needed?
From there went to visit our son and daughter-in-law at their shop for a few minutes. All of those errands were on the far west side of town.  
Then came home and I made the dreaded call to the prescription insurance company. It turned out to be no problem at all. They knew right away what had happened and called the pharmacy. All taken care of. Just go in and pick it up. Also confirmed that we'll be able to get six months supplies of everything for when we travel over the winter. Very efficient and helpful. 
This morning we took off early again. Already 100 at 8:00 a.m. First we went to RV dealer and got date to take the RV in. Monday Aug 1. Good. Then to breakfast. while at breakfast got a call from RV dealer, awning won't be there until middle of week so changed date to Aug 3rd. No problem. From there we went to UPS to return the camera we'd ordered - they had sent the wrong camera. A much less sophisticated one. I don't' think so. From there to Verizon to see why Bill's phone cost so much more per month than mine. Long story short it now costs same as mine. While there also got international plan so phones will not roam in Mexico. Just $5 a month more. But with the change with Bill's phone we'll be paying less. Whew tired already.
Then to grocery store for some favorites we can't find at WalMart. 
Then stop at pharmacy. Talked to person insurance company talked to yesterday. "Oh but you already picked that up." "NO I DIDN'T.
I came in to pick it up but you wanted to charge me $570 so I didn't get it. The insurance company called and talked to you yesterday." "Oh, I don't remember I talk to so many people. Here's a copy of the receipt with your signature that you picked it up."
Looking at receipt. Calmly, "This receipt is from 5/30/16 which is the last time we picked the stuff up." "Oh." She went to talk to someone else about it. Came back, "I'll have to call the insurance company, so sit down and wait." By then there were about 9 impatient people waiting to be helped. "I'm going home, call me when everything is straightened out and I can pick the stuff up." "Okay."
Got home, called the insurance adjuster gave them the date and where the RV would be taken. Got a call from the pharmacy. It is ready to be picked up. "I'll pick it up tomorrow morning.", I said. "Good, she said, "I'll be here in the morning." I sure hope so.
Now I'm going to go eat some watermelon, that Bill cut into cubes with our handy dandy watermelon cutter, and simmer down. 
Maybe later I'll work on my pot holders, maybe I'll just read. 

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