Monday, July 4, 2016

A drive in the mountains of Idaho

Happy 4th of July to All. 

Weather is getting a little cooler. Good thing 'cause we have to stay here until at least July 6th when the insurance adjuster will be here. Then hopefully we'll be able to get the thing off and get both the broken awning and the RV to a shop and get it repaired and be on our way again.
One of the pretty bushes blooming here at our friends. 
More of the chickens. When picked up and petted they make a sound almost like a cat's purr. And they are spoiled. There are 12 of them 
We took a ride up into the mountains north east of Boise to Idaho City
Followed the Boise River for a ways. The lava cliffs were impressive.

A big dam I like the sign. And the fountain in the middle. Since we've been here there has been one fire right at the outskirts of Boise, but they were able to get it under control before it did too much damage. 
Some information about the dam behind this dam. Couldn't get a pic without the sun reflection.

The river again. Lots of dry grass on the ground. 
As we continued we started getting into wooded area. 
Found another creek? stream? brook? with a road next to it. So we followed it a ways, Not very deep but pretty fast and clean.
Lots more lava. Must have been a pretty active area many long years ago. 
The name of the creek we were following. Guess it is a creek. 

Kind of an "Oh Sh!t bridge. Groaned a lot as we drove over it. But there were a couple of pickups on the other side so figured we'd be okay. Not much in the way of guard rails and it was entirely made of wood. Saw another one further up the road that was falling apart, all rotted out.
Got back on to the main highway and continued on to  Idaho City. Lots of history there. It is in the Boise Basin which is a 200 square mile area. [Doesn't include the city of Boise - which I found strange. In fact Boise isn't even in Boise County.] Boise Basin produced 3,000,000 ounces of gold. Almost a billion dollars worth at today's prices.
Hordes of miners arrived in the spring of 1863 when gold was discovered. The town of Idaho City boomed. By 1864 Idaho City was the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. Bigger than Portland. 
Congress established the Idaho Territory in 1863, it originally took in all of southern Idaho and part of what is now Wyoming. Idaho City was the county seat. 
We stopped in at the Visitor Center [gray building]. Great carvings all around it. Had to take pictures. 

 A closer look at the carvings. Reminds me of Bill's Wood Spirits. 
 These were at the entrance of the building. Some build on that female!
Some more information about the area. It might get bigger if you click on it.
A map of the little town as it is now. Shows some of the historical buildings. 
Looking towards the main street of town.
 The old blacksmith shop. In 1865 a fire destroyed much of the town, so it was rebuilt with brick. 
 This is not a Pub - don't know what it used to be. But looked interesting. 
Constructed of brick before the fire of 1865. It was a Chinese store first then the home of the Idaho World a weekly newspaper.
 Junk or treasures depending on what you're looking for. 

  Judge Halley House 1867
Old firehouse 

 The Masonic Temple

 This building has been used continuously as a store since 1865. It still has iron shuttered windows and massive iron doors. 
As we were leaving town we stopped at the flea market. Not big but interesting. Especially all the RVs backed up to each site. Most of the vendors follow flea markets all over the area. 
 Saddles. The one on the right looked fairly new it was selling for $350. The one in the middle had been used a lot and looked a lot older - $215.
 Bill found some paper books to buy for 25 cents each. 
 Do they even use baby shoes like these any more? The pair on the right looks like a pair I wore as a baby. They were not a real hard sole. I still have them - they were bronzed. Remember that? I also have a couple  like the two on the left from my oldest two sons. They too are bronzed!
Then back to the RV. We've also visited the Old Penitentiary in Boise and tonight are going to the races and fireworks. 

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