Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bad things happen all over

Nashville, IN the little town, pop 900, that we moved from had some major vandalism a couple of nights ago. Over 43 cars near the center of town had two or more tires slashed on them sometime after midnight and before dawn. Luckily the 18 year old boy who did it was caught. How would think that something like that would happen there?
Today here in Vegas we have very ugly weather. There was a big wind storm during the night that filled the air with dust. So it is kind of a brownish gray outside. IF the winds stay down the dust will eventually settle. 
Picture from a year ago today. Same tree different angle.
Picture from today.  This was earlier this morning, it is worse now. 
Also the higher outskirts of town got some tiny bit of rain; and lots of lightening out around the mountains.And for the first night in many the temperatures actually dropped  below 90. Today's high is predicted to be 109 - if it only gets to 109 we won't break a long standing record of 10 straight days of 110 or higher. 
Got up early this morning to watch sunrise - too much crap in air to see anything and to watch the truck qualifying from PA. It was cancelled due to rain. It is going to be a long day. But there is the soccer game from Spain at 10:00. They play in rain.
So to waste time I'm changing my table decorations and window stained glass from red, white and blue July colors to something more summery.

While the race was on I was working on another skillet handle pot holder to put in the RV. Bill got a hold of my camera. Just had my hair cut SHORT.
Also watching the soccer game. Messi sure looks different with his bleached white hair. But easier to find on the field. 


Unknown said...

I love your place mats and Napkins. Too bad people have to have fun destroying other peoples property

Carol and Bill said...

I've made place settings for each season, but over the years have given away the ones for Christmas, fall and Valentines day. Cause we're never here then.