Thursday, October 26, 2023

Keeping busy.

Well weather is changing here in Vegas. Just turned on the heat, hope I figured out the new thermostat. It isn't really cold in here but want to make sure it is working as in a couple of nights it will be down in the 40's and highs of low 60's way too cool for Bill. Seems like it is working. 

Been walking a lot - Wednesday we got in 3.5 miles. Mostly strolling not fast walking. Not going out again till Saturday. Bill has an eye shot today. Not sure what is going on with his eye. His sight got better after the last short but about 20 days ago it got worse again. Guess we'll find out today. 

I put up our Halloween decorations, just inside. Made these cute place mats a while ago but this is the first time we've been home this late in October to use them. 

Same with my sun catchers. In November I have some Thanksgiving decorations to put out. If I can figure out where they are stored. 
A window hanging I made years ago. There are five different panels.
And I am still playing with the Diamond dot painting . Have finished two more of the set of six that Bill bought me. This one is finished now, when I took the picture I had about one inch to complete on the top. Turned out prettier than I thought it would be.
Another one I finished. No idea what to do with them. That's the problem with hobbies and crafts. What do you do with all the stuff you make?
Also made a stained glass catcher. Forgot how much I like working with the glass. This is for a friend who is going through Chemo. She is one of the ladies I walk with. The butterfly's wings are at about 45 degree angle from flower. It is a fun one to make. 
And that is about it. Oh, was reading a Facebook page about traveling in Mexico. The last 300 miles of the road before Mazatlan is worse than it was last year. Over 34 comments about it. So that might help make up our minds about wanting to go again or not. Still undecided, but if we do go won't be until January or later. Bill's birthday was last week, he is 87 now. So that figures into whether we will go or not too. We'll see. He has almost convinced me to learn to drive the RV. least I got my driver's license renewed for another 4 years. 

Saturday, October 21, 2023

More wild life on last walk

 It still feels like the middle of summer, going up to 96 here today and in the 90's again tomorrow. But Sunday the winds pick up and blow Fall in, I hope. Going to be a big change. Will make for nice walking with out having to get out so early. Got in over 12 miles this week. 

More and more water fowl around. He is kind of hiding in the bushes. 
These guys took his usual spot. 
More of these every time we get to the river. 
Check out those legs!!!
Mr coyote was walking down the path in front of us. He is checking out the little creek over in that section. 
Must not have been anything interesting there as he came back out on the sidewalk. 
The other birds are still in the heron's preferred spot.  He looks like he is sulking. 
This one was just standing very still watching for something to pass by. Never moved a bit while we were watching.  
Working on a stained glass sun catcher but forgot how it goes together. Need to find the one I made years ago to see how I did it. That's about it for around here. Time to go for today's walk. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

A little bit of this and that.

The weather has been amazing here lately. Down in the high 50's at night and high 80's to 90 during the day. I don't know if I should set the thermostat to heat to keep the chill off in the morning or to cool to keep it cool in here in the afternoon. Bill is cold when he gets up in the morning, so guess the heat will have to be on for a while. 

Bill's e-reader Nook, quit working so trying to get a new one from Barnes and Noble. They don't have any in the stores so ordered it on line - over a week ago. Just checked and they don't have any in their warehouse either. Maybe?? they will get some by next Monday. Of course, it is paid for. (Update, it has been shipped. So he might get it this week.)

Still haven't been able to get one of his meds either. Pharmacy says their supplier doesn't have them in stock, so they keep trying to reorder - going on for a month now. Supposed to get some in next order Wednesday. If not guess we'll have to get a hold of doc to see if there is something else he can take. (Another update, pills are ready to be picked up, only took three weeks.)

I'm still walking every other day. The Wetlands are starting to get a lot of migrating birds to watch. Usually getting in 3 miles a walk. 

And the water is really high, river flowing swift. 
We went into the Nature Center building again and I noticed this. It is paper all cut by hand to make the design. Lots and lots of work in this one. It is about 3 feet by 3 feet. 
Our front side yard is in full bloom.
Remember the hole in front of the house. Caught one of the maintenance men the other day and asked if he could find some dirt for us. Was kind of kidding. He said No problem. 
The next day he came by with the dirt and filled the hole. Then put the rocks on it. (kind of borrowed some rocks from empty house next door.) Looks good as new. Of course we still don't know if there is a problem under the house. That will take management to check it. 
Bill outside flying one of drones. 
Fixed chicken fajitas lasagna for dinner last night. Yes you read that right. The chicken and peppers and onion and fajitas spices layered with lasagna noodles and a red sauce and bechamel sauce. By the time it was ready to put in over every pan in the cupboard had been used. Turned out pretty good but would make changes to it next time. More chicken and more red sauce. 
Walked yesterday too - another three miles.

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Birds are migrating.

Guess I'm not doing too well with keeping this blog up. Been over a week again since I posted. 

Good news! It has been three weeks since Bill started taking the Zertec and he has not had one episode of extreme fatigue. He was already taking Famotidine for his stomach - it is also an antihistamine.  The article recommended one of each type of Antihistamine. He has been quite active and feeling much better. I so hope that continues. For any one who missed it we found an article on line of a study in the UK about using antihistamines for relief of fatigue due to long covid. Here is a link to one of the articles.  Or just google long covid and antihistamines. Yesterday he took a short walk with no problems. Please let any one you know who is suffering with long covid to check this out. We have also been shopping several times without him wearing out. Today, I hope, one of the maintenance men from the community is supposed to come and fill in the hole at the front of the house from the flood. No idea if/when someone will come crawl under the house, but we haven't tipped over yet so guess jacks/supports are okay. 

Been walking regularly - three times a week. A couple of times over three miles. I got my first Wetlands Walkers reward. A button saying Wetlands Walkers 2023. Got it for walking there five times. Next reward comes at 50 miles of walking. So far since joining have 26 miles logged. So here are some pictures from the last couple of times we've walked. Bill says I post too many pictures from the Wetlands. But what else do I do? The water fowl are starting to migrate south I guess. A couple of weeks ago we didn't see any. 

These ducks? live here year around. Some one told me they thought they had been pets someone dumped here. They are quite friendly. Someone had put some oatmeal here and they were eating it. When in the water they look pure black but when up on land and in the direct sunshine they have shades of blue and green in their feathers. 

I've been trying to find out what kind of duck? they are. Close as I have found a mallard hybrid type. 
The turtles taking a sun bath. 
More ducks, different pond. 
A look at the bridge and water fall. 
The other side of the bridge in the calm water. Blue heron? 
First time we've seen this one a White Ibis. 

Bill is cooking bacon so need to go eat. YUM!

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Long walk in Wetlands

Another view of The Sphere on the Strip. It is amazing what they are able to do with it. Some day hope to see it in person. 

Here is Bill busy again, cleaning out garage. Full of dirt and dust that is still blowing around from the flood. A while ago I came across an article on line about using antihistamines for relieving symptoms of long Covid. (If you want to read it ) Two weeks ago Bill started to take one Zyrtec a day. He was already taking Famotidine 2 a day for his touchy stomach, it is also an antihistamine. Since then he has been able to be quite active. Yesterday he did have a very short episode of fatigue. Laid down for about an hour and got up feeling fine again. Before he had to sleep at least three hours for the fatigue to go away. We have our fingers crossed that this keeps working. I have also read that the booster has helped a large percentage of long covid sufferers feel better. Doctors think the booster might hunt down some of the remaining virus and get rid of it. So going to make appointment for booster. 

Monday we took a longer than usual walk in the Wetlands. 3.47 miles - I feel it today. I ended up with over eleven thousand steps for the day. I just like this scene. 
I guess some one brings their horse out there to ride. Have seen the hoof prints a couple of times. Of course there is a big sign No Horses. But I guess if you don't get caught...
The two black ducks - sleeping in the still pond. 
Just more of the damage the flood caused. The river is right down there so it really got high to do this damage. 
Our weather has been delightful for about six days. That is Mount Charleston the mountain on the west side of Las Vegas. Got two inches of snow, but is already melted. We got a short heavy rain but no flooding. 
Just wondering who did this and why?  An arrow with 800 written on the sidewalk???
Another view of the snow capped mountains behind The Strip.
More water fowl in the calm part of the river. There is so much trash hung up on the weeds and bridge supports. Saw a kitchen chair and a small couch along with lots of trash. 
This didn't used to have moving water - it was complete dry. Guess someone lost their trash can. 
Same area the river is to the right out of the picture. 
Good information. Hopefully the clean up crew will come soon. 
Walking along one of the nice undamaged trails. So peaceful. But haven't heard many birds sign lately. And have only see a couple of bunnies in all our walks. 
This bush is blooming. 
Kind of a berry looking plant. 
We walked about 1 and 3/4 hours. But also did some sitting down during that time too. So nice to be out and about when the weather is nice. 
About my hair. My hair is straight as a stick and very fine. One of reasons I have kept it so short for years. No fuss no muss. The permanent reminds me of the very, very old Poodle Cut from the 50's. I had one in high school. So far it has been wash, dry and run fingers through it. Once it needs more than that - CLIPPERS!
I fixed a roast beef, carrots and potatoes for dinner last night. Thought I'd do it in the crock pot - big mistake. Everything tasted the same. Last time for that.

Monday, October 2, 2023

Wetlands Walkers

I mentioned we have started walking again. So here are more pictures from the Wetlands. We also went into the Nature Center and found out there is a Wetlands Walkers association. So we now log in our walks. So far we've been doing between 2.5 to 2.75 miles a walk. Most of the ponds have a lot of reeds growing in them. We can hear ducks but not see them. 

If you look hard bottom right there is a road runner there. Saw a couple of them this day. 
Verns Pond. Still covered with an algae of some kinds.
Did see some ducks there. They leave a trail behind them as the swim around. About nine of them were out and about. 
Our stop in the Nature Center. First time I've been in  there. Will go back another day and spend more time there. Getting ready for Halloween. 
Some one has a sense of humor. 
Another building at the Nature Center. So much information there. And lots of goodies to buy! 
Magnetic glow in the dark butterflies. Really pretty.  
Several displays with lots of info about the Wetlands.
Under water, on the water and above the water creatures. 
The power of water - no kidding. We still have no reply from the management of where we live. They have replaced the area where the big block wall came down. They replaced it with a wood plank fence, just to keep people and animals out. The wall actually belongs to the County. Good luck with getting it fixed. 
Saturday morning when we went walking. Very overcast all day.  The only picture from that walk. I hadn't felt really good since Friday afternoon, so didn't walk too far, just under 2.5 miles. 
By the time I got home I was really not feeling well, got worse as the day went on. I think now that it was probably food poisoning. Friday I'd bought some macaroni salad and when I ate some of it I thought - hum...this tastes different. Usually I buy it from WalMart, so thought it was just a slightly different recipe. Then I went on to eat more of it for dinner. Big mistake. Was really sick all night. Think I lost 5 pounds. By Sunday morning somewhat better. Spent most of Sunday on couch watching TV. By evening I was good and eating. Today feel fine, went walking this morning. 
Bill continues to feel good. Been almost two weeks without an episode of extreme fatigue.