Thursday, August 10, 2017

Getting things done day

We've been busy and not busy this week. Getting little stuff taken care of and getting new things set up. I got the new JetPack -mifi - set up with the password and ready to use on both of our laptops. Our other one was about six years old and was getting so it worked when it wanted to. Also called Verizon and got our account taken care of. Had them remove their protection plan that I didn't know we had - to the tune of 18 dollars for two phones. Also canceled our home phone which we never use and no one has the number for. Another $20 a month saved. Somehow we had two data plans, canceled one of them. Another saving. 
We keep talking about taking another short outing to make sure all the problems with the Jayco have been taken care of. Also I got curious and  ordered three meals from Hello Fresh - the meals that come in a box with a recipe.  Got food for two for three meals for $30.00 - special offer. Anxious to see how they are. We will get them next week.
On Wednesday I went out to lunch with a girlfriend. We used to work together in LA school district and traveled a lot together years ago. She lives in Vegas. Went to Hash House A Go Go and had delicious warm spinach salad. Got caught up on each others doings. 
Then that evening I went on line to Vista Print and designed cards for us to use when we're traveling. For the last several years I've been printing them, but with the cost of the business card paper and the ink it is cheaper to order them from Vista Print. 250 cards for $14. Hope they turn out the way they look on line. Added a picture of the RV and a map showing our journey to South American and a picture of the cover of our book. Along with our information. 
My window is ready to solder, but it has just been too hot in the garage to work on it. We're heading into some cooler days and nights so might get some work done on it soon. But have been working on my quilt - it is almost done. Will finish the hand work tomorrow when watching NASCAR.
Found my bathroom infested with tiny transparent ants this morning. They were biting me before I saw them. ICK!
And that is about it. No pictures of anything this week. 
Might have rain here again this weekend. 


Barb said...

I have been ordering cards from Vistaprint for years. They are very nice and look at least as good as they do online, if not better. I need to order new ones too with updated info.

Carol and Bill said...

years ago when we had the art studio in Indiana we ordered from them too. they turned out really nice. hoping for same result.

Jackie McGuinness said...

We order from them also. We will also cancel our home phone when contract ends. Got the codes to unlock our phones for travelling yesterday.