Friday, August 11, 2017

Finishing up projects.

Still haven't gone any where interesting but have been keeping busy. Finished three more projects! Finished my table runner even stretched it and ironed it. Next time we go to Hobby Lobby I want to get a different centerpiece and some more yellow and or orange candles.
 I also finished the animal quilt for great grandson. All the animal squares are puffy and quilted. I managed to use up some of the material I had laying around. The borders and sashing. 
 And then I used the fourth daisy square I'd made and turned it into either a wall hanging or a baby doll quilt. Sending it with the quilt to my granddaughter. She has a six year old girl too. Sewed a lady bug button on it.
 And the center flower is 3-D.
So got a bunch of things finished off.  Did most of it while watching NASCAR on TV. Makes me feel better about just sitting there. Also baked some banana nut cupcakes. Smelled so good while baking. Down side was it really heated up the kitchen. Though the actual weather is cooler today - only 103!
The ants that bit me yesterday really got some good bites in. I am covered with swollen red circles. Look like I have measles - there are about 20 to 30 bites. So glad they don't itch or hurt. And glad that most of them are under my clothes. No sign of ants in the bathroom today. I look carefully before going in there. 
We're supposed to have more rain around us this weekend. Can feel the humidity in the air. Bill plans on going RC flying tomorrow morning but something in the air is bothering him, his eyes are running like crazy. 
Going to fix some kind of chicken for dinner and fry up some eggplant to go with it. Being so domestic today!

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Jackie McGuinness said...

It feels good finishing stuff off, you've inspired me!